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This site shows an 'order of battle' page. As models it displays either the ship or one of the same class. If I have a model, this is shown. Otherwise candidates in the market may be referenced.

Guadalcanal campaign: Operation Ke, Evacuation Guadalcanal 14.1.-8.2.1943, Battle of Rennell Island 29.,30.1.43

Landing of jap. Relief Forces 14.1.43

9 DD
Arashi x , Urakaze x , Hamakaze x , Tanikaze x

Shiranui (Kagero 1939 class), Tan Yang / Tanyao 1955 ex Yukikaze (Kagero 1939 class), Yukikaze (Kagero 1939 class)

Sinking I-1 29.1.43


I-1, I-6 IJN
New Zealand
Kiwi, Moa


Battle of Rennel Island 29-30.1.1943

Sangamon class
Chenango, Suwannee

Kit candidate: Sangamon by Loose Cannon East
Wichita class

USS Wichita CA-45 1939 (1/1250), Similar type USS Pittsburgh CA-72 (Baltimore class)
Northampton class
Chicago †

USS Chicago CA-29 (Northampton class), USS Chester CL-27/CA-27 (Northampton class) (1/1250)
Cleveland class
Montpelier, Columbia, Cleveland

USS Vincennes ex Flint CL64 (Cleveland class) (1/1250), USS Springfield CLG 7 1970 (Cleveland class|Providence class), USS Miami CL-89 (Cleveland class)
USS Fletcher (DD-445) class
Edwards, Chevalier, Conway, Waller, Taylor, La Vallette xx

Base type Fletcher
USS Benson (DD-421) class
Frazier, Meade

USS Benson DD-421 (Benson Class)

USCG Tamaroa WHEC-166 (Navajo class|US-Tug), USS Penguin ASR-12 (Penguin class|US-Tug)

Shore Bombardement 1.2.43

USS Benham (DD-397) class

USS Benham DD-397 (Benham Class), USS Benham DD-397 (Benham Class)
USS Sims (DD-409) class

USS Hammann DD-412 (Sims Class)

Evacuation 1-9.2.1943

Nagara Class, 1922-1925

Natori (Nagara class), Isuzu 1944 (Nagara class), Nagara (Nagara class), Kinu (Nagara class)
Yugumo Class, 1941-44
Makigumo †

Asashimo 1944 (Yugumo Destroyer)
Shiratsuyu Class, 1936-37
Kawakaze, Samidare

Shiratuyu (early) (Shiratsuyu Destroyer), Harusame (late) (Shiratsuyu Destroyer), Shigure (Shiratsuyu Destroyer)
Kagero Class, 1939-41
Maikaze xx , Shiranui xx , Kuroshio x , Hamakaze x , Isokaze x

Shiranui (Kagero 1939 class), Tan Yang / Tanyao 1955 ex Yukikaze (Kagero 1939 class), Yukikaze (Kagero 1939 class)
Asashio Class, 1937-39

Kasumi (Asashio Destroyer)
Mutsuki Class, 1926-27

Mutsuki (Mutsuki Destroyer), Mutsuki 1941 (Mutsuki Destroyer)
B1 (Otsu)
I-17, I-25, I-26, I-32

I15 IJN (Type B1), I19 IJN (Type B1)

Similar type I68 / I168 IJN (Type KD6A)
A1 (Ko)

I-9 IJN (A-1 Ko)
C1 (Hei)
I-16, 18, 20

I16 IJN (Type C1)
USA "Cactus Striking Force" and further
USS Fletcher (DD-445) class
Nicholas x , Radford, Fletcher , De Haven †

Base type Fletcher
PT Boats
11 PT. † : PT 111, 37, 123.


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