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Special Articles


Maritime Arcticles

Aircraft of German Raiders and special shipsShort storyFlak 3,7 cm C/35 M42, Arado Ar196A
FR numbers of ex French ships in Italian serviceShort storyLansquenet
Navies and their vesselsnavies.phpSaar 1940
Order of battle of several naval battles
Fuzhou, Weihawei, Tsushima,
Tsingtau, Doggerbank, Hailstone,
Normandie, Falklands and more
StoryUSS Texas BB-35
The Smallest Aircraft CarriersStoryUSS LST-393 w/ Brodie System, USS LST-351, USS LST-906 "CV-LST"
The Battle of Chibi / the red rocksShort storyThree Kingdoms Rou Sen 1, Three Kingdoms Sen tou, Three Kingdoms Sou ka
Rendel-type GunboatsStorySMS Wespe Panzerkanonenboot
Rating System of Waships 18. CenturyShort storyHMS Victory



100 years of Turkish aviation historyturkey.phpBleriot XI
The 100 hours war Honduras and El SalvadorStoryGoodyear FG-1D Corsair El Salvador
Ausschreibung 1934 für einen Jagdtrainer und leichten HeimatschutzjägerShort storyHeinkel He74B
Operation LUSTY/Seahorse: HMS Reaper transported German high-tech aircraftShort story

Type families

History and versions of the Bf 109Me109.phpHeinkel He112 V3, Messerschmitt Me109V1
History and versions of the Me 163Me163.phpMesserschmitt Me163D (BV18)
History and versions of the Fw 190 and Ta 152Fw190.phpFocke-Wulf Fw190 V1
History and versions of the Me 262Me262.phpMesserschmitt Me262 A-1a/U3
The Hawker HurricaneHurricane.phpHawker Sea Hurricane IIC
Hawker Typhoon, Tempest, Sea FuryTyphoon-Tempest-Fury.phpHawker Tornado Centaurus
The NA-16 and her variantsStoryNorth American T6F (AT-6F) Kuba Texan

Designation Lists

RLM-Listrlmlist.phpHenschel Hs 121
Soviet Fighterssufighters.phpJakowlew Jak1M, MiG9 / I-210 M-82A / MiG-3/M82
Japanese aircraft designationsjapanlist.phpKawasaki Ki-45 KAI c Toryu Nick
US aircraft designationsusalist.phpBoeing P-12 E
Chinese aircraftchinalist.phpShenyang F7EB Plaaf Aerobatics Team China


Vehicles of dedicated countriestanks.phpSomua S-35


Typical Coloursstory/cntryclrs.phpCruiser Mk I A9CS