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Siege of Tsingtau, 1914-9-2 to 1914-11-7

Main sources: (974), (975), (976), (977)

German Forces


Was on East Pacific tour on beginning of the war
Große Kreuzer
Scharnhorst, Gneisenau

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SMS Scharnhorst Class (SMS Scharnhorst), SMS Scharnhorst Class (SMS Scharnhorst) (1/1250)
Leichte Kreuzer
Nürnberg, Leipzig, Dresden

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pic by sammelhafen.de

Bremen class (SMS Leipzig) (1/1250), Dresden class (SMS Emden 1908/14), Stuttgart class (SMS Nürnberg 1914), Stuttgart class (SMS Nürnberg 1908) (1/1250), Dresden class (SMS Emden), Dresden class (SMS Dresden)
Detachment Indian Ocean
Emden, AMC Prinz Eitel Friedrich

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Dresden class (SMS Emden 1908/14), Dresden class (SMS Emden), SMS Prinz Eitel Friedrich 1914 (1/1250),
Vaterland and Otter were cruising on the upper Yangtze, Jaguar on the lower Yangtze, Tsingtau on the West River (above Canton). Luchs was at Shanghai, S90 at Chifu.

Tsingtau class (SMS Vaterland / Li-Sui / Pekin) (1/1250), SMS Otter / Li-Tsieh (1/1250), Iltis class (SMS Luchs) (1/1250), Iltis class (SMS Iltis 1898) (1/1250)

Defense of Tsingtau

kuk Kaiserin Elisabeth
Protected Cruiser

SMS Kaiser Franz Josef I (kuk) (1/1250),
S 90

Großes Torpedoboot 1898 (SMS Sleipner ex S97) (1/1250), Yu Chang class (Chien Kang / IJN Yamasemi / Hai Sui), Similar type Großes Torpedoboot 1906 (SMS V150/155), Großes Torpedoboot 1898 (SMS S90 1899)
Iltis, Jaguar, Tiger, Luchs (Lauting oder Cormoran?) Only Jaguar in full service - the others equipped their weapons to the AMC

Iltis class (SMS Iltis 1898) (1/1250), Iltis class (SMS Luchs) (1/1250)
Lauting ex steamer
Mobile infantery attached artillery secion
5 redoubts, searchlights, wall, ditch, barbed wire
Iltis Hill battery: two 10.5 cm., six old (Chinese) 12 cm. guns, searchlights
Moltke Hill battery: two 10.5 cm. guns, searchlights
12 open gun pits sheltered twenty-two 3.7 cm., twenty-two 9 cm. and six old (Chinese) 12 cm. guns
2 Rumpler Taube airplanes, 1 kite-balloon, 1 meteorological balloon

Allied Forces

1st Fleet (Direct Attack)

1st Flottilla (Only in the beginning)

Kongo, Hiei

Kongo Class (Kirishima), Kongo Class (Kongo 1914)
Kurama, Tsukuba

Ibuki 1909 (1/1250),

3rd Flottilla

Aki, Settsu, Kawachi

Satsuma class (Aki) (1/1250), Kawachi class (Settsu) (1/1250), , Kawachi class (Settsu 1940)

5th Flottilla

Yahagi, Hirado, Niitake

Chikuma class 1912 (Hirado 1912) (1/1250), Niitaka class (Tsushima 1904), Niitaka class (Tsushima 1911) (1/1250)

1st Destroyer Flottilla

2nd Fleet (Seaside Fire Support, Transports Protection)

2nd Flottilla

Suwo ex Pobieda, Iwami ex Orel, Tango ex Poltawa, Okinoshima ex General Admiral Apraksin, Mishima ex Admiral Senjavin

Peresvet class (Peresvet 1898), Borodino class (Iwami ex Oryol), Borodino class (Knyaz Suvorov 1904), Poltava class (Poltava) (1/1250), Poltava class (Tango 1905 ex Poltawa), Admiral Ushakov class (Mishima ex Admiral Senyavin), Admiral Ushakov class (General Admiral Graf Apraksin / Okinoshima) (1/1250)

4th Flottilla

Iwate, Yakumo, Tokiwa

Iwate, Iwate, Yakumo, Asama class (Asama 1899), Asama class (Tokiwa)

6th Flottilla

Chitose, Akitsushima, Chiyoda

Kasagi class (Kasagi 1898), Akitsushima 1899, Chiyoda 1890

2nd Destroyer Flottilla

Destroyer division, T-Boat division
16 destroyers

Seaplane detachment

Seaplane tender
Wakamiya. Flew the first air raid of history


3rd Fleet (no action?)

Protected Cruiser
Tsushima, Yodo, Mogami

Niitaka class (Tsushima 1904), Niitaka class (Tsushima 1911) (1/1250), Yodo class (Yodo 1912) (1/1250), Yodo class (Yodo 1908), Yodo class (Mogami 1908)
Uji, Saga(896)

British Detachment


Swiftsure class (Chile) (HMS Triumph ex Libertad) (1/1250), Swiftsure class (Chile) (HMS Triumph ex Libertad)
Varying patrols of 1-3 destroyers. Usk, Kenneth (River class)
destroyer Kenneth damaged by S90 and coastal battery

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Hospital Ship

Unknown assignment

Protected Cruiser
Takachiho + by S90

Naniwa class (Naniwa 1885)
Shirotaye (+ by Jaguar 2.9.14), Yamashiko (no ship with this name in the IJN), Usugomo, Destroyer Division (5ships), T-Boat Division (3ships)(890)

Similar type Harusame 1903 class (Harusame (1903)), Murakumo class (Murakumo), Murakumo class (Kagero 1902) (1/1250)

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