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This site shows an 'order of battle' page. As models it displays either the ship or one of the same class. If I have a model, this is shown. Otherwise candidates in the market may be referenced.

Incident at Operation Sea Guardian, 10.6.2020

Turkish Blockade Runner
RoRo Merchant with Weapons for Tunisia
Gökova F496
ex USS Samuel Eliot Morison

USS Oliver H. Perry FFG-7 (Oliver H. Perry class|G class (ex Perry))
Oruçreis F245
Barbaros class MEKO200TN

HMAS Anzac FFH-150 (MEKO 200)
Check try by Greece
MEKO200HN / Hydra class

HMAS Anzac FFH-150 (MEKO 200)
Check try by Greece
La Fayette class, attacked by fire-control radar of Gökova

Kang Ding class (La Fayette class)


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