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This site shows an 'order of battle' page. As models it displays either the ship or one of the same class. If I have a model, this is shown. Otherwise candidates in the market may be referenced.

Pearl Harbour, 7.12.1941

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Nevada class
Nevada BB-36 Seriously damaged, beached at Hospital Point, Oklahoma BB-37 Sunk, total loss

USS Nevada BB-36 1916 (Nevada class) (1/1250), USS Nevada BB-36 1941 (Nevada class),
Kit candidate: Nevada 1944 Toms Modelworks
Pennsylvania class
Pennsylvania BB-38 Damaged gun, Arizona BB-39 Sunk, total loss

USS Arizona BB-39 (USS Arizona)
Tennessee class
Tennessee BB-43 Relatively minor damage, repaired by February 1942, California BB-44 Sunk, floated, rebuilt by January 1944

USS California BB-44 1941 (Tennessee class), USS Tennessee BB-43 1944 (USS Tennessee)
Colorado class
Maryland BB-46 Damaged, two bomb hits, repaired by February 26, 1942, West Virginia BB-48 Sunk, floated, rebuilt by July 1944

USS Maryland BB-46 1941 (USS Maryland)

New Orleans class
New Orleans CA-32 Minor damage, San Francisco CA-38

USS Tuscaloosa CA-37 (New Orleans class), USS San Franzisko CA-38 (New Orleans class)
Omaha class
Raleigh CL-7 Damaged by torpedo, Detroit CL-8

USS Milwaukee CL5 (Omaha class)
Brooklyn class
Phoenix CL-46, Honolulu CL-48 Minor damage from a bomb near miss, St. Louis CL-49 Minor bullet hits, Helena CL-50 Seriously damaged, repaired by mid-1942

USS Boise CL-47 (1942) (Brooklyn class)

Sampson class
Allen DD-66

USS Allen DD-66 (Sampson class)
Wickes class
Schley DD-103, Chew DD-106, Ward DD-139

USS Ward APD-16 ex DD-139 (Wickes Class), HMS Campbeltown I42 (1942) ex USS Buchanan (Wickes Class), USS Ward DD-139 (1941) (Wickes Class), USS Breckinridge DD-148 (Wickes Class) (1/1250)
Farragut class
Farragut DD-348, Dewey DD-349, Hull DD-350 Very minor damage from a bomb near-miss, Macdonough DD-351, Worden DD-352, Dale DD-353, Monaghan DD-354, Aylwin DD-355 Minor damage to propeller

USS Hull DD-350 (Farragut Class)
Porter class
Selfridge DD-357, Phelps DD-360

USS Porter DD-356 1936-40 (Porter class), USS Selfridge DD-357 (Porter class) (1/1250)
Mahan class
Cummings DD-365 Minor damage from bomb fragments, Reid DD-369, Case DD-370, Conyngham DD-371, Cassin DD-372 Heavily damaged, considered lost, but rebuilt by February 5, 1944, Shaw DD-373 Heavily damaged, lost bow, repaired by July 1942., Tucker DD-374, Downes DD-375 Heavily damaged, considered lost, but rebuilt and recommissioned November 15, 1943

USS Cassin DD-372 (Mahan Class Destroyer)
Bagley class
Bagley DD-386 Minor damage from nearby explosions, Blue DD-387, Helm DD-388 Minor damage by two bomb near-misses, Mugford DD-389, Ralph Talbot DD-390, Henley DD-391 Minor damage from strafing, Patterson DD-392, Jarvis DD-393

USS Bagley DD-386 (Bagley class), USS Blue DD-387 (Bagley class) (1/1250)

Narwhal SS-167

Similar type SMS U71 Minenleger 1915/18 (UE|single:SMS U71 Minenleger 1915/18|UE)
Dolphin SS-169

Kit candidate: USS Dolphin by Loose Cannon
Cachalot SS-170
Tambor class
Tautog SS-199

Similar type USS Gato (Gato class)

Oglala CM-4
Oglala CM-4 Sunk, but salvaged and recommissioned February 1944

USS Oglala CM-4 / ARG-1 (1/1250)
Lapwing class
Turkey AM-13, Bobolink AM-20, Rail AM-26, Tern AM-31, Grebe AM-43, Vireo AM-52

PB-103 ex USS Finch AM-9 (Vireo kit) (Lapwing class), USS Bird class / Lapwing AM-1 class 1918 (Lapwing class) (1/1250)
Wickes / Clemson class
Gamble DM-15, Ramsay DM-16, Montgomery DM-17, Breese DM-18, Tracy DM-19, Preble DM-20, Sicard DM-21, Pruitt DM-22, Zane DMS-14, Wasmuth DMS-15, Trever DMS-16, Perry DMS-17

Similar type USS Ward DD-139 (1941) (Wickes Class)
Sacramento PG-19
Dobbin class
Dobbin AD-3 Minor damage, Whitney AD-4

Kit candidate: USS Dobbin by COB on Shapeways
Curtiss AV-4
Curtiss AV-4 Suffered bomb damage, repaired San Diego, back to Pearl Harbor by January 13, 1942

USS Curtiss AV-4 (Curtiss AV-4 class) (1/1250), USS Curtiss AV-4 (Curtiss AV-4 class)
Tangier AV-8
Tangier AV-8 Minor damage by several bomb near-misses

Kit candidate: Andrea Bafile by A Model Trieste similar
Lapwing class
Avocet AVP-4, Swan AVP-7

PB-103 ex USS Finch AM-9 (Vireo kit) (Lapwing class), USS Bird class / Lapwing AM-1 class 1918 (Lapwing class) (1/1250)
Clemson class seaplane tender
Hulbert AVD-6, Thornton AVD-11

Base type Clemson Class USS Williamson AVD-2 ex DD-244 (Clemson AVD conversion) (1/1250)
Pyro AE-1
Pyro AE-1 Minor damage due to a near-miss from a dive bomber
Patoka class
Ramapo AO-12

USS Patoka (AO-9/AV-6/AG-125)
Cimarron class
Neosho AO-23, moved to berth M-3 Merry Point at 0930

Similar style Kokuyo Maru (Itsukushima Maru class)
Medusa AR-1
Vestal AR-4
Vestal AR-4 Damaged, struck by 2 bombs and adjacent to Arizona during explosions

USS Vestal AR-4 (USS Vestal AR-4), USS Vestal AR-4 (USS Vestal AR-4)
Altair class
Rigel AR-11 Minor damage from bomb near-misses
Griffin class
Pelias AS-14
Lapwing class
Widgeon ASR-1

PB-103 ex USS Finch AM-9 (Vireo kit) (Lapwing class), USS Bird class / Lapwing AM-1 class 1918 (Lapwing class) (1/1250)
Solace AH-5

Kit candidate: USS Solace by COB on Shapeways
Castor AKS-1
Antares AKS-3
Antares AKS-3, docked at Honolulu at 1146
Ontario AT-13
Keosanqua AT-38
Utah AG-16
Utah AG-16 Sunk, total loss

Similar type USS Utah BB-31/AG-16 1911 (Florida class) (1/1250), Similar type USS Florida 1929 (Florida class)
Argonne AG-31
Sumner AG-32
Sumner AG-32 Minor injuries to gun crews incurred while firing on aircraft

USS Sumner (AG-32/AGS-5)
Cockatoo AMc-8, Crossbill AMc-9, Condor AMc-14, Reedbird AMc-30

USS Crossbill AMc-9 1941 (Reedbird AMc class)
Sunnadin AT-28
Taney WHEC-37
Taney WHEC-37 . Moored in Honolulu harbor.

USCG John C.Spencer (1944) (Treasury class)
Hoga YT-146
Hoga YT-146 during attack

USS Hoga YT-146 1941 (Woban class)
Sotoyomo YT-9
Sotoyomo YT-9 Damaged by Shaw explosions and fires; completely submerged; thought total loss but repaired and returned to service.
Motor Torpedo Boats (PT)
PT-20 - PT-30, PT-42



Akagi (Amagi class), Akagi unvollst. (Amagi class), Amagi 1923 (Amagi class)

Kaga (w/ Triple Deck)
Soryu class
Soryu, Hiryu

Hiryu (1942)
Shokaku class
Shokaku, Zuikaku


Kongo class
Hiei, Kirishima

Kirishima (Kongo Class), Kongo 1914 (Kongo Class)

Tone class
Tone, Chikuma

Nagara class

Natori (Nagara class), Isuzu 1944 (Nagara class), Nagara (Nagara class), Kinu (Nagara class)

Kagero class
Akigumo, Urakaze, Isokaze, Tanikaze, Hamakaze, Kagero, Shiranui

Shiranui (Kagero 1939 class), Tan Yang / Tanyao 1955 ex Yukikaze (Kagero 1939 class), Yukikaze (Kagero 1939 class)
Asashio class
Arare, Kasumi

Kasumi (Asashio Destroyer)
Fubuki class (Midway Attack Unit)
Sazanami, Ushio

Hatsuyuki (Fubuki Group (Fubuki I)), Fubuki 1941 (Fubuki Group (Fubuki I))

I1 class /Type J1, J1M, J2

I-1, I-6 IJN
I7 class / Type J3
I7, I8

IJN I-8 (J3)
I9 class / Type A1
I9, I10

I-9 IJN (A-1 Ko)
I15 class / Type B1
I19, I21, I23, I15, I17, I25, I26

I15 IJN (Type B1), I19 IJN (Type B1)
I16 class / Type C1
I16, I18, I20, I22, I24 each with Koryu A midgets

I16 IJN (Type C1)
I68 class / Type KD6A/B

I68 / I168 IJN (Type KD6A), I-171 IJN (Type KD6A)
Koryu A
5: Ha18 x ((captured)), Ha19 (I16A) xx ((captured)), Ha20 † (by USS Ward), Ha22 † (by Monaghan, later (captured))

Similar type Koryu C

Kawasaki type
Kyokuto Maru, Kokuyo Maru, Nippon Maru, Toho Maru, Toei Maru, Shinkuku Maru, Akebono Maru

Kokuyo Maru (Itsukushima Maru class)
Kenyo Maru


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