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This site shows an 'order of battle' page. As models it displays either the ship or one of the same class. If I have a model, this is shown. Otherwise candidates in the market may be referenced.

Action Black Sea 15.1.1915

Some also on 3.1.1915 engaged



Hamidije ex Abdulhamid 1904 (Hamidiye) (1/1250), Hamidiye 1904 (Hamidiye|ref:single:Hamidiye|ref:class:Elswick Type Cruiser|Elswick Type Cruiser)

SMS Breslau 1912 / TR Midilli (Magdeburg class) (1/1250), SMS Magdeburg (Magdeburg class)


Knyaz Potyomkin-Tavricheskiy class

Potemkin / Pantelejmon
Tri Sviatitelia

Similar type Navarin (HMS Trafalgar 1890 class) (1/1250), Similar type Navarin 1895 ({{textde (basierte auf)}}|{{texten (based on)}}|HMS Trafalgar 1890 class), Similar type Sissoi Veliky 1896 (Sissoi Veliky), Similar type Sissoi Veliky 1905 (Sissoi Veliky) (1/1250)

Rostislav 1899 (Rostislav), Rostislav 1898 (Rostislav) (1/1250)
Ioann Zlatoust class
Ioann Zlatoust, Evstafi

Eustafi (Svyatoi Yevstafii) (Ioann Zlatoust class) (1/1250), Similar type Potemkin / Pantelejmon
Bogatyr class
Kagul, Pamyat Merkuriya

Bogatyr (Bogatyr) (1/1250),
Kit candidate: (Bogatyr+Oleg+Ochakov by Kombrig, Oleg by WTJ), Similar type Aurora (late) (Diana class)
Bespokoinyi class
Gnevnyi, Bespokoinyi, Derzkii, Pronzitelnyi
pic by
Bespokoiny 1914 (Bespokoinyi class) (1/1250)
6 other Destroyers


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