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This site shows an 'order of battle' page. As models it displays either the ship or one of the same class. If I have a model, this is shown. Otherwise candidates in the market may be referenced.

2.7.1942 PQ17 / Operation Rösselsprung

PQ17 scattered, Tirpitz withdrew. But then U-Boats and Aircraft could sink 22 of 35 cargos
German Forces

Tirpitz 1944 (Bismarck-Klasse)
Lützowx , Scheer

Lützow ex Deutschland (Deutschland-Klasse (1931)), Admiral Scheer (Deutschland-Klasse (1931)), Admiral Graf Spee (Deutschland-Klasse (1931)), Admiral Graf Spee (Deutschland-Klasse (1931)), Admiral Graf Spee (Deutschland-Klasse (1931)), Panzerschiff D (Deutschland-Klasse (1931)), Panzerschiff E (Deutschland-Klasse (1931))
Admiral Hipper

Admiral Hipper 1941 (Admiral Hipper class)
Typ 1934
Richard Beitzen

Z1 Leberecht Maass 1938 (Zerstörer Typ 1934|single:Z1|Zerstörer Typ 1934)
Typ 1934A
Friedrich Ihn, Hans Lodyx , Theordor Riedelx

Z7 Hermann Schoemann 1937 (Zerstörer Klasse 1934A)
Typ 1936
Karl Galster x

Z21 Wilhelm Heidkamp (1940) (Zerstörer Klasse 1936)
Typ 1936A
Z24, Z27-30

Z28 (1945) (Zerstörer Klasse 1936A)
T-Boot 35

T-4 (1945) (Torpedoboot Typ 35), T1-T12 (Torpedoboot Typ 35) (1/1250)
T-Boot 37

T19 (1945) (Torpedoboot Typ 37)

Altmark (1939) (Dithmarschen class)
U88, 251, 255, 334, 355, 376, 456, 457, 703

U-Boot Typ VIIB (Typ VII)
Allied Forces
36 Merchants 22 †

Aserbaidshan 1942, CAM Ship Empire B mit Hurricane, USS Liberty Ship Jeremiah O'Brien (USS Liberty)
Duke of York

HMS Duke of York 9.1941 (King George V-Klasse), HMS Duke of York (King George V-Klasse), HMS Duke of York (King George V-Klasse)
USS Washington

USS Maryland BB-46 1941 (USS Maryland)

HMS Victorious (1945) (Illustrious), HMS Victorious 1958 (Illustrious)
Palomares, Pozarica

HMS Pozarica 1942 (Palomares class) (1/1250), HMS Palomares 1944 (Palomares class) (1/1250)
County class
Cumberland, London, Norfolk

HMS Suffolk (County class|Kent Class) (1/600), HMS Dorsetshire 1934 (County class|Norfolk group), HMS London after rebuild 1942 (County class|London group), HMS Sussex 1942 (County class|London group), HMS Norfolk, Battle of North Cape Limited Edition (County class|Norfolk group)

HMS Trinidad (1942) (Colony class)
USS Tuscaloosa

USS Tuscaloosa CA-37 (New Orleans class), USS San Franzisko CA-38 (New Orleans class)
USS Wichita

USS Wichita CA-45 1939 (1/1250), Similar type USS Pittsburgh CA-72 (Baltimore class)
EF class
Escapade, Faulknor,

HMS Echo (EF Class Destroyer)
Hunt class
Blankney, Ledbury, Middleton, Wheatland, Wilton

Base type Hunt class
M class
Marne, Martin

HMS Legion (1941) (LM Class Destroyer), HMS Legion (1942) (LM Class Destroyer)
O class
Offa, Onslaught, Onslow

HMS Onslow (OP Class Destroyer), HMS O class (OP Class Destroyer)

HMS Wallace 1918 (Shakespeare class) (1/1250), HMS Shakespeare (Shakespeare class)
Town class

HMS Burwell H94 (1940) ex USS Laub DD-263 (Clemson Class)

HMCS Huron 1944 (Tribal Class Destroyer)
USS Benham class
Mayrant, Rhind, Rowan

USS Benham DD-397 (Benham Class), USS Benham DD-397 (Benham Class)
USS Sims class

USS Hammann DD-412 (Sims Class)
ASW trawler
Ayrshire, Lord Austin, Northern Gem

Similar type HMS St.Zeno 1940/42
Flower class
Dianella, La Malouine, Lotus, Poppy

Base type Flower Class
Halcyon class
Britomart, Halcyon, Salamander

HMS Halcyon class (Halcyon class) (1/1250), HMS Bramble (Halcyon class)
P611 class submarines
P614, P615

Similar type HMS Sahib S-class P212 1942/43 (S class U-Boot)


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