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This site shows an 'order of battle' page. As models it displays either the ship or one of the same class. If I have a model, this is shown. Otherwise candidates in the market may be referenced.

Battle of Lissa (Vis) 20.7.1866


1st Division - Armoured ships
Erzherzog Ferdinand Max class
Erzherzog Ferdinand Max, Habsburg

SMS Erzherzog Ferdinand Max 1880 (kuk) (Erzherzog Ferdinand Max class)
Kaiser Max class
Kaiser Max, Don Juan d'Austria, Prinz Eugen

SMS Kaiser Max kuk 1863 (Kaiser Max class) (1/1250)
Drache class
Drache, Salamander
2nd Division - Wooden steam warships
Radetzky class
Radetzky, Donau, Adria
Erzherzog Friedrich
3rd Division - Minor craft
Narenta class
Narenta (screw gunboat, 2-48pdr SB, 2-24pdr BL rifles), Kerka
Hum class
Hum (2nd class gunboat, 2-48pdr SB, 2-24pdr BL rifles, 11?kts), Vellebich. Dalmat
Seehund class
Seehund (2nd class gunboat, 2-48pdr SB, 2-24pdr BL rifles, 11kts), Wal, Streiter, Reka
Andreas Hofer
Andreas Hofer (screw tender, 3-30pdr SB)
Kaiserin Elizabeth
Kaiserin Elizabeth (sidewheeler steamer (radaviso), launched 1854, 4-12pdr SB)
Greif (sidewheel steamer, 2-12pdr SB)

Kit candidate: SMS Greif announced by Kombrig on FB 07.09.2021
Stadion (unarmed merchant steamer. Employed as a scout and was in the Van)


Armoured Ships
3 Tage nach der Schlacht

Affondatore 1862 (Afondatore), Affondatore (Afondatore) (1/1250)
Re d'Italia class
Re d'Italia † , Re di Portogallo

Re d'Italia 1860 (Re d'Italia class)
Regina Maria Pia class
Regina Maria Pia, San Martino, Castelfidardo, Ancona

Regina Maria Pia 1864 (Regina Maria Pia class)
Principe di Carignano
Formidabile class
Formidabile x durch Kanonen des Forts am Vortag, Terribile

Terribile 1862 (Formidabile class)
Palestro class
Palestro † , Varese
Wooden steam warships
Gaeta (ex-Neapolitan screw frigate, launched 1861, 3917t, 8-160 mm ML rifles, 12-108pdr shell, 34-72pdr shell)
Maria Adelaide
Maria Adelaide (ex-Sardinian screw frigate, launched 1859, 3429t, 10-160 mm ML rifles, 22-108pdr shell, 19 small guns) (Squadron Flag)
Duca di Genova
Duca di Genova (ex-Sardinian screw frigate, launched 1860, 3459t, 8-160 mm ML rifles, 10-108pdr shell, 32-72pdr shell)
Garibaldi (ex-Neapolitan screw frigate Borbone, launched 1860, 3390t, 8-160 mm ML rifles, 12-108pdr shell, 34-72pdr shell)
Principe Umberto
Principe Umberto (ex-Sardinian screw frigate, launched 1861, 3446t, 8-160 mm ML rifles, 10-108pdr shell, 32-72pdr shell, 4 small guns)
Carlo Alberto
Carlo Alberto (ex-Sardinian screw frigate, launched 1853, 3231t, 8-160 mm ML rifles, 10-108pdr shell, 32-72pdr shell guns, 7 small guns)
Vittorio Emanuele
Vittorio Emanuele (ex-Sardinian screw frigate, launched 1856, 3201t, 8-160 mm ML rifles, 10-108 and 32-72pdr shell guns, 7 small guns)
San Giovanni
San Giovanni (ex-Sardinian screw corvette, launched 1861, 1752t, 8-160 mm ML rifles, 14-72 pounder shell, 12 small guns)
Governolo (ex-Sardinian sidewheel paddle corvette, launched 1849, 2243t, 10-108pdr shell, 2 small guns)
Guiscardo (ex-Neapolitan sidewheel paddle corvette, launched 1843, 1343t, 2-160 mm ML rifles, 4-72pdr shell)
minor craft
Giglio (ex-Tuscan sloop, launched 1846, 246t, 2 SB of unknown type)
Cristoforo Colombo
Cristoforo Colombo (gunboat, 4-30pdr SB)
Gottemolo (as Cristoforo Colombo)
Unknown (as Cristoforo Colombo)
Esploratore (sidewheel dispatch vessel, launched 1863, 981t, 2-30pdr SB, 17 knots)
Messaggere (launched 1863, as Esploratore)
Indipendenza (unarmed merchantman)
Piemonte (unarmed merchantman)
Flavio Gioia
Flavio Gioia (unarmed merchantman)
Stella d'Italia
Stella d'Italia (unarmed merchantman)


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