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This site shows an 'order of battle' page. As models it displays either the ship or one of the same class. If I have a model, this is shown. Otherwise candidates in the market may be referenced.

Cuba Crisis, 14.-28.10.1962


Blockade Forces

Forrestal class
Saratoga CVA 60, Independence CVA 62

USS Saratoga CV-60 (Forrestal class), USS Forrestal (Forrestal class) (1/1250)
Enterprise CVAN 65

USS Enterprise CVN-65 (USS Enterprise)
Essex class
Essex CVS 9, Randolph CVS 15, Wasp CVS 18, Lake Champlain CVS 39

USS Intrepid CV-11 w/ angle deck 1972 (Essex class), USS Wasp CVS-18 1965 Gemini (Essex class) (1/530)
Canberra CAG 2

USS Pittsburgh CA-72 (Baltimore class), USS Chicago CG-11 ex CA-136 (Baltimore class),
Kit candidate: CAG-1 Boston by Orange Hobby Blue
Newport News CA 148

USS Salem CA-139 1955 (USS Des Moines class)
Fletcher class
Abbot DD 629, Bearss DD 654, , Waller DD 466, Bache DD 470, Beale DD 471, Conway DD 507, Cony DD 508, Eaton DD 510, Harwood DD 531, The Sullivans DD 537, Murray DD 576, Abbot DD 629, Bearss DD 654,

Base type Fletcher
Allan M. Sumner class
Allan M. Sumner DD 692, Ingraham DD 694, English DD 696, Charles S. Sperry DD 697, Haynsworth DD 700, John W. Weeks DD 701, Hank DD 702, Wallace L. Lind DD 703, Borie DD 704, Gainard DD 706, Soley DD 707, Harlan R. Dickson DD 708, Hugh Purvis DD 709, Barton DD 722, Purdy DD 734, John R. Pierce DD 753, Beatty DD 756, Henley DD 762, Lowry DD 770, Willard Keith DD 775, Zellars DD 777,

Base type Allen M.Sumner Class
Gearing class
Gearing DD 710, Eugene A. Greene DD 711, William C. Lawe DD 763, Keppler DD 765, New DD 818, Holder DD 819, Rich DD 820, Johnston DD 821, Samuel B. Roberts DD 823, Basilone DD 824, Robert A. Owens DD 827, Robert L. Wilson DD 847, Witex DD 848, Richard E. Kraus DD 849, Joseph P. Kennedy Jr DD 850, Charles H. Roan DD 853, Bristol DD 857, Norris DD 859, Mc Caffery DD 860, Harwood DD 861, Charles R. Ware DD 865, Brownson DD 868, Damato DD 871, Forrest B. Royal DD 872, Bordelon DD 881, Furse DD 882, , Rush DDR 714, William M. Wood DDR 715, Corry DDR 817, Charles P. Cecil DDR 835, Fiske DDR 842, Steinaker DDR 863, Hawkins DDR 873, Vesole DDR 878, Leary DDR 879, Dyess DDR 880, Newman K. Perry DDR 883, Stickell DDR 888, O'Hare DDR 889,

Base type Gearing class
Forrest Sherman class
John Paul Jones DD 932, Barry DD 933, Decatur DD 936, Davis DD 937, Manley DD 940, Dupont DD 941, Bigelow DD 942, Blandy DD 943, Mullinnix DD 944,

USS Forrest Sherman (DD-931) (Forrest Sherman class) (1/1250)
Charles F. Adams
Charles F. Adams DDG 2, John King DDG 3, Lawrence DDG 4, Biddle DDG 5, Sellers DDG 11, Charles F. Adams DDG 2, John King DDG 3, Lawrence DDG 4, Biddle DDG 5, Sellers DDG 11, ,

Rommel D-187 (Klasse 103|Charles F. Adams)
Norfolk class
Norfolk DL 1

USS Norfolk DL-1 1953
Mitscher class
Willis A. Lee DL 4

USS Willis A. Lee DD-929 1967 (Mitscher class) (1/1250),
Kit candidate: DL-2 Mitscher by Loose Cannon
Farragut class
Mac Donough DLG 8, Dahlgren DLG 12, Dewey DLG 14,

USS Coontz DLG-9/DDG-40 1960 (Farragut DDG-37 class) (1/1250),
Kit candidate: Coontz by Niko
Edsall class
Brough DE 148, Peterson DE 152, Thomas J. Gary DER 326, Kretchmer DER 329, Roy O. Hale DER 336, Mills DER 383, Rhodes DER 384, Calcaterra DER 390, Hissem DER 400,

USS Calcaterra DER-390 1954 (Edsall class) (1/1250), HQ-4 Trần Khánh Dư ex USS DER-334 Forster (Edsall class)
Buckley class
Maloy DE 791

USS Buckley DE-51 Class (Captain class), USS Liddle (DE-206/APD-60) (Buckley class|Charles Lawrence class)
Claud Jones class
Claud Jones DE 1033, John R. Perry DE 1034

USS Claud Jones DE-1033 (Claud Jones class) (1/1250), Similar type USS Cromwell DE-1014 (Dealey class)
Sea Poacher SS 406

USS Corporal SS-346 GUPPY II 1956 (Balao class)
Iwo Jima class
Iwo Jima LPH 2, Okinawa LPH 3

USS Iwo Jima LPH-2 (Iwo Jima LPH class)
Essex class
Boxer LPH 4

USS Intrepid CV-11 (Essex class)
Thetis Bay class
Thetis Bay LPH 6

USS Casablanca CVE-55 (Casablanca class)
Casa Grande class
Casa Grande LSD 13, Shadwell LSD 15, Cabildo LSD 16, Colonial LSD 18, Whetstone LSD 27,

USS Comstock LSD-19 (Casa Grande class)
Thomaston class
Thomaston LSD 28, Plymouth Rock LSD 29, Fort Snelling LSD 30, Point Defiance LSD 31, Spiegel Grove LSD 32, Hermitage LSD 34,

Similar type USS Anchorage LSD-36 1970 (Anchorage class)
Ashland class
Belle Grove LSD 2, Carter Hall LSD 3, Gunston Hall LSD 5, Lindenwald LSD 6,

USS Ashland LSD-1 (USS Ashland)
Page County LST 1076, Talbot County LST 1153, Terrebonne Parish LST 1156, Traverse County LST 1160, Wahkiakum County LST 1162, Walworth County LST 1164, Desoto County LST 1171, Suffolk County LST 1173, Grant County LST 1174, York County LST 1175, Lorain County LST 1177, Wood County LST 1178, Cheboygan County LST 533, Dodge County LST 722, Duval County LST 758,

USS LST-351 (USS LST Mk2), USS LST Mk.2 (USS LST Mk2), USS LST Mk.2 (USS LST Mk2), USS LST Mk.2 (USS LST Mk2), USS LST-821 / AGP-821 Harnett County (USS LST Mk2)
Agile class
Agile MSO 421, Aggressive MSO 422, Rival MSO 468, Salute MSO 470, Ability MSO 519,

USS Aggressive class * (Aggressive / Agile class)
Destroyer Tender
Yosemite AD 19, Grand Canyon AD 28

Similar type USS Markab AD-21 (Hamul class|US Type C3)
Ammunition ships
Wrangell AE 12, Great Sitkin AE 17, Nitro AE 23, Mazama AE 9
Stores Ships
Aldebaran AF 10, Hyades AF 28, Denebola AF 56, Rigel AF 58
Ocean Tugs (Abnaki class)
Luiseno AFT 156, Shakori AFT 162, Mosopelea ATF 158, Paiute ATF 159, Papago ATF 160, Salinan ATF 161

USCG Tamaroa WHEC-166 (Navajo class|US-Tug)
Electronic research
Oxford AG 159, Peregrine AG 176
Amphibious command ship
Mount McKinley AGC 7, Eldorado AGC 11
Pocono AGC 16
Attack Cargo Ships
Oglethorpe AKA 100, Rankin AKA 103, Union AKA 106, Vermilion AKA 107, Washburn AKA 108, Thuban AKA 19, Algol AKA 54, Capricornus AKA 57, Uvalde AKA 88, Yancey AKA 93, Mathews AKA 96, Merrick AKA 97

USS Algol AKA-54 1943/70 (Andromeda class|Type C2)
Altair AKS 32
Fleet Oilers
Pawcatuck AO 108, Neosho AO 143, Truckee AO 147, Sabine AO 25, Salamonie AO 26, Kaskaskia AO 27, Kankakee AO 39, Chikaskia AO 54, Elokomin AO 55, Marias AO 57, Allagash AO 97, Caloosahatchee AO 98, Canisteo AO 99,
Nespelen AOG 55
Attack Transports
Sandoval APA 194, Noble APA 218, Okanogan APA 220, Renville APA 227, Rockbridge APA 228, Bexar APA 237, Francis Marion APA 249, Monrovia APA 31, Bayfield APA 33, Cambria APA 36, Chilton APA 38, Henrico APA 45,

USS Algol AKA-54 1943/70 (Andromeda class|Type C2), USS Callaway APA-35 (Bayfield class|US Type C3), USS Victory Attack Transport APA (USS Victory Ship|USS Haskell class)
Crosley-class/Charles Lawrence Class high speed transport
Earl B. Hall APD 107, Cook APD 130, Liddle APD 60

USS Liddle (DE-206/APD-60) (Buckley class|Charles Lawrence class)
Vulcan AR 5
Tutuila ARG 4
Rescue&Salvage Ships Diver-class, Boister-class
Hoist ARS 40, Opportune ARS 41, Escape ARS 6

USS Diver ARS-5 (USS Diver class)
Gypsy-class salvage lifting vessel
Windlass ARSD 4 ex LSM-552

Similar type LSM (LSM|Allied Landing Craft WW2)
Navajo class
Kiowa ATF 72, Seneca ATF 91

USCG Tamaroa WHEC-166 (Navajo class|US-Tug), USS Penguin ASR-12 (Penguin class|US-Tug)
Nueva Esparta class (HMS Battle class)
ARV D-11 Nueva Esparta, ARV D-21 Zulia

Nueva Esparta Seacat 1969
Submarine Caribe ???

Sovjet Union

Project 641 Foxtrott
B-4, B-36, B-59 und B-130

Foxtrot class Pj641 (Foxtrot class Pj641)
Project 611 Zulu

Similar type Foxtrot class Pj641 (Foxtrot class Pj641)


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