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Operation Agreement, Raid on Tobruk 13./14.9.1942

Daffodil was a fictious code name coming up after the war.

British, Rhodesian and New Zealand forces


HMS Coventry 1940 (C Class Cruiser)
Tribal class
Sikh † , Zulu †

HMCS Huron 1944 (Tribal Class Destroyer)
5.Z.-Flottille Hunt-2
Belvoir, Dulverton, Hursley. Croome

Base type Hunt-II-Destroyer
3 Fairmile B ML
ML 349, ML 352 † und ML 353 †

HMS Fairmile B (Fairmile B) (1/600)
16 MTB
MTB 261, MTB 262
MTB 308 † , MTB 310 † , MTB 312 †
MTB 314 (ex PT56) (captured) durch R10 der 6.R-Flottille, wurde RA10

RA10 (PT boat|single:RA10 ex MTB314|PT boat)
HMS Taku
plus Traveller Vorbereitung Sabotage-Akte

HMS T class Group III (HMS T class submarine)
Vorbereitung Sabotage-Akte

Similar type Smeli 1929 (Osvetnik class) (1/1250)

Axis Forces

R 10, R 12, R 13, R 16

R3-7 (2st)
Ital cannoni costieri da 152/50 mm
Dt. 8,8cm Flak

Flak 36 8,8 cm (Flak 8,8cm|single:Flak 8,8cm 18/36/37|Flak 8,8cm), Sd.Kfz.7 mit 8,8cm Flak (Sd.Kfz.7|Flak 8,8cm) (1/76), Flak 36 8,8cm (Flak 8,8cm|single:Flak 8,8cm 18/36/37|Flak 8,8cm) (1/76)

Macchi 200 Saetta (MC200)

Spica class
Castore, rescued surveivors

Castore 1942 (Spica class|Romulus class), Astore / HSwMS Remus (Spica class|Romulus class) (1/1250)
Generali class
Generale Carlo Montanari, Generale Antonino Cascino . Montanari rescued surveivors

Generali class (Generali class) (1/1250), La Masa 1917 (Giuseppe La Masa class (3 pipers grp 3)) (1/1250), Giacinto Carini 1943 (Giuseppe La Masa class (3 pipers grp 3)) (1/1250), Giacinto Carini (Giuseppe La Masa class (3 pipers grp 3))
Armed Tug, rescued surveivors
dt MFP A
rescued surveivors, F 343, F 349, F 352, F 358, F 359, F 360, F 362

Tunisia, Bizerte 1942-11: MFP A
ital MFP (Italian built German design MFP A)
rescued surveivors MZ733, MZ759, MZ756,

Tunisia, Bizerte 1942-11: MFP A
several more aircraft
S.79, Mc.202, Bf110, Bf109, Ju88D, Cr.42, Ca.311, G50, Mc202 …

Macchi 202 Folgore (MC200), SM79 I


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(1279) Francesco Mattesini: IL FALLIMENTO DELL’OPERAZIONE BRITANNICA "AGREEMENT" DEL 14 SETTEMBRE 1942, Il disastroso sbarco britannico a Tobruk e nelle operazioni di"commando" in Cirenaica, Parte Prima in , parte 2 in

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