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Dido class

HMS Naiad (1940)


Battle Class Gr.I

HMS Barfleur R80 (1944)
O Class Destroyer

HMS Onslow, HMS O class
Gearing class

USS Gearing DD-710, USS Gearing class USS Frank Knox DD-742, USS Goodrich DD-831, USS Gearing Class (1/1250), USS Gearing FRAM, USS Gearing FRAM, USS Gyatt DDG-1 1957 (1/1250)
River class

HMS River class (1/1250), HMS Swale (K217) (1/1250)
Brooke class
USS Brooke FFG-1 (1966) (1/1250)
County Class 1962

HMS County class Devonshire (1/600)
Oliver H. Perry class

USS Oliver H. Perry FFG-7
Type 12I Leander

HMS Ajax F114 Ikara, HMS Charybdis Seawolf Leander, HMS Leander (1/600)
Type 21 Amazon

HMS Amazon F169 (1/600), HMS Amazon F169 (1/600)
PLA 053

PLA 053H2G Jiangwei I (1/1250), PLA 053H3 Jiangwei II

Minesweeper (possibly escort/gunboat)

Bangor class

HMS Bangor class 1940, HMS Bangor class 1940, HMS Bangor J00 (1/1250), Minenräumer W101
Adjutant class / Abete class / Castagno class / Sauda class

Castagno M5504 (1/1250)
Tripartite class / Alkmaar class


Small combattants

Navajo class

USCG Tamaroa WHEC-166
037 class corvette

Hai Quing 037IS, Houxin class 037IG
Type 062 Shanghai class

Type 062 Shanghai I,II class,
PLA 062 Shanghai class
USCGC Island class

USCGC Island Class


Gato class

USS Gato, USS Tunny SS-282 Regulus (1/1250)
Tench class
Tench class


ARD-2 class

USS ARD-2 Floating Drydock

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