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Dido class

HMS Naiad (1940)


Battle Class Gr.I

HMS Barfleur R80 (1944)
O Class Destroyer

HMS Onslow, HMS O class
Gearing class

USS Gearing DD-710, USS Gearing class USS Frank Knox DD-742, USS Goodrich DD-831, USS Gearing Class (1/1250), USS Gearing FRAM, USS Gearing FRAM, USS Gyatt DDG-1 1957 (1/1250)
River class

HMS River class (1/1250), HMS Swale (K217) (1/1250)
Brooke class
USS Brooke FFG-1 (1966) (1/1250)
County Class 1962

HMS County class Devonshire (1/600)
Oliver H. Perry class

USS Oliver H. Perry FFG-7
Type 12I Leander

HMS Ajax F114 Ikara, HMS Charybdis Seawolf Leander, HMS Leander (1/600)
Type 21 Amazon

HMS Amazon F169 (1/600), HMS Amazon F169 (1/600)
PLA 053

PLA 053H2G Jiangwei I (1/1250), PLA 053H3 Jiangwei II

Minesweeper (possibly escort/gunboat)

Bangor class

HMS Bangor class 1940, HMS Bangor class 1940, HMS Bangor J00 (1/1250), Minenräumer W101
Adjutant class / Abete class / Castagno class / Sauda class

Castagno M5504 (1/1250)
Tripartite class / Alkmaar class


Small combattants

Navajo class

USCG Tamaroa WHEC-166
037 class corvette

Hai Quing 037IS, Houxin class 037IG
Type 062 Shanghai class

Type 062 Shanghai I,II class,
PLA 062 Shanghai class


Gato class

USS Gato, USS Tunny SS-282 Regulus (1/1250)
Tench class
Tench class


ARD-2 class

USS ARD-2 Floating Drydock

PLA 905 Fuqing class AOR 881 Hongzehu *

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