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1/700 Helicopters
1/700 Aircraft


Almirante Cochrane class
central battery ironclad
Almirante Cochrane ;1875-1935, Valparaiso 1876:Blanco Encalada ;1876-1891
Huascar class
turret ship
Huascar ;1866 Peru, captured 1879-1902; then training ship, 1917 submarine depot ship, then museum

Huascar 1866
Capitan Prat
barbette ship
Capitan Prat ;1893-1931; 1931-1936 submarine depot ship
Constitucion class
Constitucion ;-1903-1903 completed for UK as HMS Swiftsure, Libertad ;-1903-1903 completed for UK as HMS Triumph

HMS Triumph ex Libertad (1/1250), HMS Triumph ex Libertad
Almirante Latorre class
Almirante Latorre layed down as Libertad / Valparaiso, finished as HMS Canada by UK, 1920/21 passed to Chile as Almirante Latorre ;1920-1958, Almirante Cochrane ex Constitucion ex Santiago ;-1913-1918 finished as aircraft carrier HMS Eagle in 1923

HMS Canada 1915 (1/1250), Similar type HMS Iron Duke (1/600), HMS Eagle (1/1250),
Kit candidate: Shapeways COB Admiral Latorre,
Kit candidate: Kombrig Canada


Arturo Prat class
unprotected cruiser
Arturo Prat ;-1880-1885 sold to Japan as Tsukushi

Chao Yung & Yang Wei
Esmeralda class
protected cruiser
Esmeralda 3000ts 1884-1894
Rendel-type (168)

Izumi 1900 ex Esmeralda 1884
Presidente Errazuriz class
protected cruiser
Presidente Errazuriz ;1892-1930 since 1919 gunnery training, Presidente Pinto ;1892-1910
pic see shipbucket
Blanco Encalada class
protected cruiser Elswick type
Blanco Encalada ;1894-1946: served as a prototype for Argentinean cruiser Buenos Aires, Chinese Hai Chi, Chilean Esmeralda

Similar type Esmeralda 1896 (1/1250)
Esmeralda class
armoured cruiser Elswick type based on Blanco Encalada class
Esmeralda ;7000ts 1896-1929

Esmeralda 1896 (1/1250)
Ministro Zenteno class
protected cruiser
Ministro Zenteno ;1898-1931; sister-ship of Brazilian cruiser Almirante Barroso class which became USS New Orleans CL-22, USS Albany CL-23

Ministro Zenteno (1/1250)
O' Higgins class
armoured cruiser
O'Higgins ;1898-1958, scrapped 1964; served as a prototype for Japanese Asama class

Asama 1899, Tokiwa
Chacabuco class
protected cruiser
Chacabuco ;1902-1959; Sister-ship of Japanese protected cruiser Takasago layed down as private Fourth of July

Takasago 1898
Brooklyn class
light cruiser
O'Higgins ;ex USS Brooklyn 1951 1978-1975 1992, Capitan Prat ex USS Nashville 1982:Chacabuco ;1951-1984

USS Boise CL-47 (1942)
Tre Kronor class
light cruiser
Almirante Latorre ;ex Swedish Göta Lejon 1971-1984

pic by

Tre Kronor, Tre Kronor (1947) (1/1250), Göta Lejon (1/400)


Foudre class
Sargento Aldea ex frz Foudre 2011-


Virgen de Covadonga class
Virgen de Covadonga 1859;1865-1880
Almirante Lynch class
torpedo gunboat
Almirante Lynch 1910:Tomas 1890;1890-1919 Draw see Shipbucket , Almirante Condell 1910:Talcahuano 1890;1890-1919
Almirante Simpson class
torpedo gunboat
Almirante Simpson 1896;1896-1907 to Ecuador 1907 (Libertador Bolivar)
Golub class
gunboat ex russ Minelayer
Orompello 1919;1920- , Colocolo 1919;1920-bef.1939, Elicura 1919;1920- , Leucoton 1919;1920-bef.1939; sisters of Finnish Uusima gunboats

Golub 1917 (1/1250), Hämeenmaa


Capitan Orella class
Turtleback destroyers: Capitan Orella 1896;1896-1924, Capitan Munez Gamero 1896;1896-1924, Teniente Serrano 1896;1896-1924, Guardia Marina Riquelme 1896;1896-1924
Capitan O'Brien class
Improved Orella class: Capitan O'Brien 1902;1902-1924, Caitan Merino Jarpa 1902;1902-1924
Capitan Thompson class
Capitan Thompson 1902;1902-1924
Almirante Lynch class
Almirante Lynch 1912;1912-1945, Almirante Condell 1913;1913-1944; 1911 Chile ordered 6 strong destroyers. Because of war the first 2 were delivered, UK requisioned the latter 4 and delivered 3 after the war, see Williams class
Drawing on Shipbucket

Similar type HMS Tipperary (1/1250)
Almirante Williams class
Same as Lynch class
Almirante Williams ex HMS Botha. 1920:Almirante Williams Rebolledo 1914;1920-1933, Almirante Uribe ex HMS Broke. 1920:Almirante Goni 1914;1920-1933, Almirante Riveros ex HMS Faulknor 1920:Almirante Simpson 1914;1920-1933, Almirante Riveros -1914;--1914 ex HMS Tipperary sunk in Battle of Jutland

HMS Tipperary (1/1250)
Serrano class
Based on reduced HMS Amazon type
Serrano 1928;1928-1967, Orella 1929;1929-1967, Riquelme 1929;1929-1963, Hyatt 1929;1929-1963, Videla 1929;1929-1957, Aldea 1929;1929-1957

Similar type HMS Amazon 1927 (1/1250)
Almirante Williams class
Almirante Williams 1960;1960-1996, Almirante Riveros 1962;1962-1995
Fletcher class
Blanco Encalada / Almirante Blanco Encalada 1943;1962-1983, Cochrane / Almirante Cochrane 1944;1962-1983

Base type Fletcher
Allen M. Sumner class
Ministro Zenteno 1944;1974-1990, Ministro Portales 1944;1974-1990

USS Maddox DD-731
County class
Capitan Prat 1967;1982-199., Almirante Cochrane 1967;1984- , Almirante Latorre 1964;1986-1998, Almirante Blanco Encalada 1964;1987-2003

HMS County class Devonshire (1/600)
Type 22 Broadsword
Almirante Williams FFG-19 ex HMS Sheffield 1988;2003-...

HMS Brilliant F90, HMS Chatham (1/1250)
M (Karel Doorman) class
Almirante Blanco Encalada 1991;2005- , Almirante Riveros 1989;2006-

M-Fregat / Karel Doorman class
Jacob van Heemskerk class
frigate ex NL Standard AA class, sister class of Bremen class
Almirante Latorre ex NL Hr. Ms. Jacob van Heemskerk 1983;2005- , Capitan Prat ex NL Hr.Ms. Witte de With 1989;2006-

Similar type Köln F211 (1985)
Type 23 Duke class
2006… Almirante Cochrane FF-05 ex HMS Norfolk, Almirante Condell ex HMS Marlborough, Almirante Lynch (FF-07) ex HMS Grafton

HMS Norfolk F230, HMS Iron Duke F234 (1988) (1/1250)
Adelaide class
ex austral. 15.4.2020: "Capitan Prat" (FFG 11) ex Newcastle FFG 06, "Almirante Latorre" (FFG-14) ex Melbourne FFG 05

USS Oliver H. Perry FFG-7


Colocolo class
Colocolo 1880;1880-1915, Tucapel 1880;1880-1915
Glaura class
Glaura 1880;1880-1915, Janequeo 1880;1880-1880, Guale 188.;188.-1915, Rucamilla 188.;188.-1915, Tegualda 188.;188.-1915, Janequeo 1881;1881-1915
Fresia class
Fresia 1880;1880-1915, Lauca 1880/81;1880/81-1915, Quidora 1880/81;1880/81-1915
Sargente Aldea class
Turtleback: Sargente Aldea 1886;1886-1905
7 class
7 1891;1891-1906, 8 1891;1891-1906, 9 1891;1891-1906
Injeniero Hyatt class
Turtleback: Injeniero Hyatt 1896/98;1896/98-1920, Cirujano Videla 1896/98;1896/98-1920, Injeniero Mutilla 1896/98;1896/98-1920, Guarid Marina Contreras 1896/98;1896/98-1920, Teniente Rodriguez 1896/98;1896/98-1920, Capitan Thompson 1896/98;1896/98-1920

Gunboats, Escorts

River class
Esmeralda ex HMCS Glace Bay, ex HMCS Lauzon 1952:Baquedano 1944;1946-1968, Iquique ex HMCS Joliette 1943;1946-1968, Covadonga ex HMCS Sea Cliff, ex HMCS Meganic1944;1946-1967

HMS River class (1/1250), HMS Swale (K217) (1/1250)
Flower class
Chipana ex HMCS Strathroy 1943/44;1946-...., Papudo ex HMCS Thorlock 1943/44;1946-1967, Casma ex HMCS Stellarton 1943/44;1946-1969

Base type Flower Class
Buckley class
frigates ex US APDs
Serrano ex USS Odum 1943;1966-1984, Orella ex USS Jack C. Robinson 1943;1966-1984, Riquelme ex Joseph E. Campbell 1943;1966-...., Virgilio Uribe / Uribe ex USS Daniel T. Griffin 1943;1966-1985

Similar type USS Buckley DE-51 Class, Similar type USS Liddle (DE-206/APD-60)
12I Leander class
Condell ex Latorre 1973;1973-2008, 2008 to Ecuador as Eloy Alfaro , Almirante Lynch 1974;1974-2008 to Ecuador , Ministro Zenteno ex HMS Achilles1968;1990- , General Baquedano ex HMS Ariadne 1971;1992-1998
Background and 3D-Model see Report by Lars on Modellmarine , Version of 1978 Beagle conflict with camouflage see

HMS Leander (1/600),
Kit candidate: PFG-06 Almirante Condell by Masters of Military on Shapeways
Piloto Pardo OPV-80 class
OPV81 Piloto Pardo, OPV82 Comandante Toro,
OPV83 Marinero Fuentealb"(169)
Sa'ar 4 class
some sold by Israel

Sa’ar 4

Not assigned

Small combattants

Navajo class / US-Tug

USCG Tamaroa WHEC-166
Abnaki class

Abnaki class corvettes, Similar type USCG Tamaroa WHEC-166
Klasse 148

Tiger (II) S41 1972 (1/1250)


Balao class

USS Balao SS-285
Klasse 209

U-Boot Klasse 209-1200
Scorpène class

Scorpène class
Oberon class

HMS Oberon


ARD-2 class

USS ARD-2 Floating Drydock
Newport class

ROCS Chung Ho (LST-232)

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