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SMS Elster kuk 1/700

SMS Elster kuk

SMS Elster kuk

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  Modell  SMS Elster kuk 
  Kithersteller  Shapeways Fpmodel  (Shapeways:) http://www.shapeways.com
  Material  3D-Print  
  Herstellerland  Österreich-Ungarn  
  Betreiberland  Österreich-Ungarn  
  Gebaut  19.5.2018   
  Themen  Zerstörer Pre1914  (Zerstörer:) Zerstörer, Torpedoboote, Flottenbegleiter, große Geleitschiffe
(Schiff:) http://www.navypedia.org
(Schiff:) Navies
  Scale  1/700  
  TextDE  SMS Elster was launched September 19, 1888, reached Pola February 7, 1889. Blockaded Crete 1897, collided with Rabe in 1901, collided with rock and sank in 2 meters of water in 1902. Torpedo school 1907, and fitted with a Yarrow boiler 1909 which gave her 2 funnels and 2 masts. Renamed "24" in 1910. Converted to oil firing in 1911. Rammed by steamer 1914 and converted to a minesweeper in 1918. Transferred to Italy in 1920 and stricken in 1925.(1036)

The kuk SMS Sperber / Kukuk class was designed by German Schichau on base of German S7 design, the first boats built at Schichau. More boats were built in license in Triest and Pola as Gaukler/Sperber/Kibitz classes. Most survived the war. Some were passed to Jugoslavia as Minesweepers. So for example SMS Uhu/Tb36 as minesweeper D2. 1941 it was captured by Italy, in Italian service as D10. 1943 it was captured by Germany and was used as Patrol boat D10.

The shape differed from the model picture as after 1910 all boats of the classed became 2 stakes. 
  BaseVehicle  Schiff  

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SMS Elster kuk
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SMS Elster kuk
SMS Elster kuk

SMS Elster kuk
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Referenzen(1036) http://www.dreadnoughtproject.org/models/ships/SMS_Elster/

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