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Arado Ar96T ( B-1 (T) )

  Model  Ar96T ( B-1 (T) ) 
  Base type  Ar96  
  Kit manufacturer  Heller  
  Material  plastic  
  A/c manufacturer  Arado  
  Origin country  Germany  (Deutsch:) List of RLM designations
  Foreign user  Germany  
  Identification  CD+OA 
  Build era  0 (not yet built)   
  Topics  carrier plane trainer WW2  (Wk2:) second world war
  Scale  1/72  
  TextEN  After the Ar 197 did not reach series production, the Erprobungsstelle See Travemünde (testing ground for sea planes) tested six Arado Ar 96 B-1 for use on the aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin, equipped with a landing gear and catapult fittings. The unit probably was the II./TGr 186, the aircraft designation was B-1 (Träger) (some sources say B-1 or B-3) and all were originally produced by Avia. The plane ids were SJ+UT, SJ+UU, PH+GD, PH+GZ, CD+OA and CD+OJ. It is not proven, that the special equipment was mounted at all the planes. Two (PH+GZ, CD+OA) were tested 1943 in Perugia-San Egidio in Italy. Furthermore the czech company Mraz 1942 was ordered to convert 120 Ar 96 B-1 to B-1/U2 und B-1/U3 control planes and carrier trainers. The order was cancelled on October 31st, 1943. (495) 
  BaseVehicle  Aircraft  
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Model: Ar96/Avia C-2
Model: Ar96/Avia C-2
Arado Ar96/Avia C-2  Avia C-2 of the National Security Corps
Model: Ar96/Avia C-2
Arado Ar96/Avia C-2  Several Avia C-2 were delivered to Hungary. The shown model has the rarely seen insignia of 1948-1949.
Model: Ar96/Avia C-2
Arado Ar96/Avia C-2 
Model: Ar96 V-9
Arado Ar96 V-9, Dewoitine D520 bulg  The Arado 96 V-9 was a prototype for the bulgarian version, Differences to the standard B series were an open gunner position with a machine gun on Arado-Lafette Type K and racks for 3 bombs under each wing.
Model: Ar96B
Model: Ar96B-5
Arado Ar96B-5  Training school
Model: Ar96B
Model: Ar 96 1/700
Arado Ar 96 1/700 
Model: Ar199 V-3 Pantoffeltierchen
Arado Ar199 V-3 Pantoffeltierchen  The Technical Office of Germany demanded 1938 a modern naval trainer aircraft. The Arado Ar 199 was the design for flight training complete seaplane crews. For pilot training therefore two adjacent seats for teachers and students were provided, while a radio student with the whole radio equipment took place behind. The machine resembled an Ar 196, however, was based on the Ar 79 and Ar 96, but all-metal and catapults capable. The Ar 199 owned two all-metal floats that ended in a flat stage. Behind was a keel, which was equipped with water rowing. It was powered by an Argus As 410C. To achieve good flight characteristics the Ar 199 had rigid slats and large rudders. The first 4 prototypes possessed a VDM-adjusting air screw, the last and the series, however, an Argus "Verstellluftschraube".

31 Arado 199 were built, 5 prototypes and 26 series machines.
  • V1, Mat. 3671, D-IFRB, then NH + AM (NH + AN?), E site Travemünde 1940, then Kemi / Finland 1943
  • V2, Mat. 3672, D-ISBC, then BH + BM (?), Crash E site Travemünde 1940
  • V3, Mat. 3673, D-ITLF, then TJ + HL then, distress command IX, in an attempt to conceal a Bf110-crew from the shores of Lake Wesnj, by gunfire from MiG-3 lost on 14/8/1942, salvaged 1993/1994 from the lake Wernj / Finland, then moved to the USA then to Canada. There are still middle section and rear of the fuselage, engine and parts of the wings and floats
  • V4, Mat. 3674, model airplane pilot series, E site Travemünde 1940, then in Bergen
  • V5, Mat. 3676, RC + HR, test aircraft modified flaps, the E site Travemünde on 27/01/1941, last documented there November 1941.
Originally, according to RLM scheduling plan No.10 dated 01.01.1939 65 machines were required. The pre-series consisted of 26 machines (WNr.001-026), the last 4 were built in France. They were mainly used in the rescue. The series was canceled because of the need for combat aircraft was paramount.
Examples of series machines:
  • A-0, WNr. 0007, SAR Finnland Mai 1940
  • A-0, Mat. 0011, to Pori / Finland in May 1943
  • A-0, Mat. 0017 damaged in emergency landing in Chartres / France on 28.5.1943, to Travemünde
  • A-0, Mat. 0020, SAR at SNK IX
  • A-0, Mat. 0026, in October 1943 at 10 Season distress Stavanger
  • A-0, KK + BT, October 1942 E site Travemünde, May 1944 Seefliegerschule Bug on Rügen
  • A-0, BH+AN, April 1940 in Norway
  • A-0, DM + ZE, 05/15/1943 emergency landing in Tournai
  • A-0, KK + BX, Jan. 1944 in Tromso
  • A-0, BH + AM, the summer of 1943 in Kemi / Finland
Some of the Arado Ar 199 served at the 10./Seenotstaffel in Tromso / Kirkenes in Norway.
Model: Ar396
Model: Sipa10 (Ar396)

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Arado Ar199 V-3 Pantoffeltierchen
Arado Ar199 V-3 Pantoffeltierchen
Arado Ar96/Avia C-2
Arado Ar96/Avia C-2
Arado Ar96/Avia C-2
Arado Ar96/Avia C-2
Arado Ar96 V-9, Dewoitine D520 bulg
Arado Ar96 V-9, Dewoitine D520 bulg


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