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Seydlitz / Lützow B-Auslegung 1/700

Seydlitz / Lützow B-Auslegung
Box art Seydlitz / Lützow B-Auslegung

  Base type  Admiral Hipper class  
  Kit manufacturer  Bird Models  (Bird Models:) Bird Models is a manufacturer of Resin kits and conversions. Main topics are aircraft and ships that were projects but not finished as well as Whatifs. Ebay shop:
  Material  Resin  
  Origin country  Germany  
  Operator country  Germany For the class: Germany USA SU  
  Build era  0 (not yet built)   
  Topics  Cruiser For the class: Aircraft carrier Cruiser  (Schiff:) US Navy Pic Archive
(Schiff:) Navies
  Aera of use  Interwar WW2 For the class: afterwar  (Wk2:) second world war
  Scale  1/700  
  TextEN  Since the Anglo - German Naval Agreement as of June 18th, 1935 permitted Germany to re-build its fleet in a certain ratio towards British Fleet strengths, soon orders went out for new cruisers G, H, I, K and L. Cruisers G, H and I were to be A-category ones (armed with 20,3 cm main artillery batteries) and cruisers K and L were to be built as B-category ones (armed with 15cm main artillery batteries). Therefore, Cruiser K, later christened "Seydlitz" (Prussian cavalry general, 1721 - 1773) was to have four 15cm triple gun turrets, which were already utilised by the light cruiser K-class.Remaining armament as well as basic layout was to be similar to Hipper-class ships. Nonetheless, it was considered necessary to install a further rotary airplane catapult. Since the dimensions of the 15cm and 20cm gun barbettes were nearly the same, it was easy to rearm "Seydlitz" and "Lützow" with the heavier calibre guns later on. (765)

Resin conversion for the first planed version of the german cruisers "K" and "L" Seydlitz or Lützow 1936/37 scale 1/700 by Bird Models: 4 x 15cm triple gun towers (incl. turned brass gun barrels), modified bow section (with 3 side anchor hawses), modified bridge structure, battle-mast, rangefinder, metal parts for main-mast, 2 anchors, upper funnel half with platform, 2 airplane catapults with ring mounts, modified upper deck structures, modified mast platform. There are 24 resin parts, 5 metall parts, 12 turned brass parts. Actual Conversion Set enables to build Cruiser "Seydlitz" in early configuration (1936/1937).

The conversion kit is based only on the basic kit "Admiral Hipper" scale 1/700 by Trumpeter. 
  BaseVehicle  Ship  
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Referenced itself or via the class in Operation Weserübung 8.4.40-8.6.40 Operation Rheinübung (Bismarck) 18.5.-27.5.1941 Operation Cerberus, the Channel Dash, 12.2.1942 2.7.1942 PQ17 / Operation Rösselsprung Battle of the Barents Sea, JW51B 31.12.1942

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(765) Rudolf Vogel, Kit description Bird Model Ebay-Shop

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