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Boeing P26 Peashooter Decals

Boeing P26 Peashooter Decals

Decal P26 Peashooter Decals

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  Modell  P26 Peashooter Decals 
  Basistyp  P26  
  Kithersteller  Print Scale  
  Material  Decal  
  Hersteller  Boeing  
  Herstellerland  USA  (USA:) US-Typenliste
(USA:) Bilder, Historie und Datenbank zu einigen US-Fighter Groups: http://www.littlefriends.co.uk/gallery.php?Style=list&Group=56
  Betreiberland  Philippinen Guatemala USA  
  Bauepoche  0 (ungebaut)   
  Themen  Jäger Interwar Wk2  (Jäger:) Jagdflugzeuge aller Art
(Interwar:) Zwischen WkI und WkII. Website mit Modellen zum Golden Age: http://www.wingsofpeace.net/gallery/Gallery_A.html
  Scale  1/72  
  TextDE  Boeing P-26 Peashooter: 1. P-26A (Model 266) part of the 55th PS, 20th PG, USAAC, No. 129 (33-129) 1936 year; 2. P-26A (Model 266) part of the 34th AS, 17th AG, USAAC No. 2; 3. P-26A, part of the Escuadron de Caza, Cuerpo de Aeronautica Militar No. 43 Kempo de la Aurora, Guatemala City, Guatemala, 1944; 4. Army P-26A in colorful markings of 94th Pursuit Squadron, 1st Pursuit Group based at Selfridge Field, Michigan. ; 5. P-26A (Model 266)Part: 95th PS 'Kicking Mule', 17th PG, USAAC No. 62March Field, California, 1934-1935,. Standard for mid-1930 blue-yellow color; 6. A well worn P-26A of the 67h Pursuit Squadron, Philippine Army Air Corps at Nichols Field in The Philippines on 9December 1941. Philippine P-26s carried several different color schemes and marking combinations. One Philippine pilot, Captain Jesus Villamor, was credited with shooting down a Japanese bomber on 12 December 1941.During this engagement other PAAC pilots destroyed two A6M Zeros for a loss of three of the P-26s; 7. P-26A was painted in the overall Silver paint scheme specified for tactical aircraft at Wheeler Field, Hawaii in 1940.This 19th Pursuit Squadron 
  BaseVehicle  Flugzeug  

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Boeing P26 Peashooter Decals
Decal P26 Peashooter Decals

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