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12.4.2014: Bilder/Pics: Nakajima E8N-1/2 Dave, Nakajima E8N-1/2 Dave

12.4.2014: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Flakpanzer I

10.4.2014: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
PzKpfw I Ausf. C (VK 601), Sd.Kfz.300 (B1) Minenräumer

7.4.2014: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Me109G-6 JG300 Wilde Sau
Brückenleger I

5.4.2014: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Fw190 D-9 G. Dietze

30.3.2014: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Sd.Kfz. 234/4, StuH42

26.3.2014: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Fla-Mg Wk I, Me109G12

16.3.2014: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Daimler Marienfelde ALZ 13

13.3.2014: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
F86F-40 Sabre Blue Impulse

9.3.2014: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Flak 3,7 cm C/35 M42

8.3.2014: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Kälble Z6V2A

5.3.2014: Fertiggestellt/Completed:

1.3.2014: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Fw A16, Ford Model T Coupe

22.2.2014: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Mercedes Benz G4/W31

21.2.2014: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Thorneycroft 1,5 ton Parcel Van

16.2.2014: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
MiG A-144-1 Analog

13.2.2014: Fertiggestellt/Completed:

30.1.2014: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
MiG21MF Egypt Fishbed J

28.1.2014: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Fiat G55 B Argentinien

21.1.2014: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Bü 182 C Kornett

16.1.2014: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Sea Vampire T.22 Chile

12.1.2014: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
MiG21MF Slovakian Fishbed J

5.1.2014: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Hs 127 V-1

28.12.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
F80C Shooting Star Chile

22.12.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
F80C Shooting Star "Arlequim"

21.12.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
B24J The Dragon and his Tail, GMC CCKW-353 Gasoline Tank Truck, Willys Jeep

5.12.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Bv L10 Friedensengel

3.12.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
FJ1 Fury

24.11.2013: The NA-16 and her variants

23.11.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:

17.11.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Me109E-1 Spanien,
Li GB-3/L, Sd.Kfz. 2 Kettenkrad

16.11.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Hs123 A-1 China

11.11.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
He112 V10

5.11.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
He 112 B Spanien,
Hs124 V1

2.11.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Hs123 A-1 Lt.Hamann

27.10.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
F4F-3 Wildcat

24.10.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
A-24B Banshee (Dauntless)

13.10.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Hawker Hurricane I Irland

12.10.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Hs123 V4 Angelito

11.10.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Gloster Gladiator I, Lettland

8.10.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
He111 B-1 Pedro

5.10.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Gloster Gladiator I, Litauen

4.10.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Hs123 V6 (Hs 123 C)
Starterwagen Luftwaffe

30.9.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
He 51 B-1

14.9.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Gloster Meteor F.Mk.1 EE227 Trent (Turboprop)

7.8.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Bü180 Student
T2V-1 Seastar

28.7.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:

20.7.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
MiG-15 UTI Midget

15.7.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
RB51 Red Baron

13.7.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
T-6F (AT-6F) Texan

7.7.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Hs 125

6.7.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Ju 88 V5 Glasveranda

1.7.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Flakpanzer 38(t) 20mm SdKfz 140 Ausf.L, Steyr Typ 1500

30.6.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Flak 61-K 3,7cm Russland

29.6.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Kfz 2 Le.gl.Einheits.Pkw Stoewer Typ 40

26.6.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
10,5 cm leFH18(Sf) auf Geschützwagen 39H(f), RSO /01

17.6.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
RF-80A-5-LO Shooting Star

16.6.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
P-39 Cobra II Racer

10.6.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Me 108 B-2 Trop

7.6.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Tankwagen-Anhänger Luftwaffe AH454

6.6.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
F5E Sina Cat

13.5.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Mitsubishi Ki-46-II Dinah

6.5.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Me P.1100

17.4.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
FG-1D Corsair El Salvador

3.4.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
F4U-1 Corsair

1.4.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Wirbelwind Flakpanzer IV

24.3.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Sd.Kfz.10/4 Flak 30 mit SdAnh51, Sd.Kfz. 231 6-Rad

22.3.2013: Bausatzvorstellung: VAK-191B von Akatombo Works

18.3.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
StuIG 33B

17.3.2013: Geschichte: Soccerwar: Der 100 Stunden-Krieg

2.3.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Bergepanzer 38(t)

26.2.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
P51D Mustang El Salvador

15.2.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Neubaufahrzeug Nr. 1

3.2.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Bergeschlepper 731(f)

2.2.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
F4U-5 Corsair

27.1.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
MiG9 / I-210 M-82A / MiG-3/M82
Bilder/Pics: Il2m3, Jak1M, MiG3

26.1.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Leopard 1A4

13.1.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
T28D Trojan

2.1.2013: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
FG-1D Corsair

30.12.2012: Fertiggestellt/Completed:

29.12.2012: Baubericht: Fw F19 Ente

27.12.2012: Baubericht: Ju 88 V5 Glasveranda

16.12.2012: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Avia CS199

9.12.2012: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Vampiro F.Mk3

6.12.2012: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
T33 Aztec Knight

15.11.2012: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Ar 76 A-0

1.11.2012: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Spitfire VB trop

27.10.2012: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Boeing 747-2030 Schoko

18.10.2012: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
P40B Tomahawk Flying Tiger

11.10.2012: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
T2C Buckeye

3.10.2012: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
PZL P23 B Karas

16.9.2012: Fertiggestellt/Completed:

6.9.2012: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
F94 B Starfire

30.8.2012: Fertiggestellt/Completed:

10.8.2012: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Bleriot XI

9.8.2012: Fertiggestellt/Completed:

1.8.2012: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
F80A - YP-80A Shooting Star, Letov S16T

28.7.2012: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Dewoitine D.21

10.7.2012: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Albatros W.4 (late), Hs121, Spad XIII C-1

9.7.2012: Fertiggestellt/Completed:

2.7.2012: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Obiwan Knofi Starfighter

25.6.2012: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
AT11 Kansan

13.5.2012: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Me109F-2 RZ 65

12.5.2012: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Miles Master II

10.5.2012: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Sk V5

29.4.2012: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Fw190 Aa-3

28.4.2012: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
F86 E Sabre Flying Swans

14.4.2012: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
J2M3 Mitsubishi Raiden Jack

8.4.2012: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
F84E Thunderjet

1.4.2012: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Skoda-Kauba Sk 257

24.3.2012: Fertiggestellt/Completed:

4.3.2012: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Martin-Baker MB5

26.2.2012: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Nakajima Ki-201 Karyu

18.2.2012: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Macchi 205V Veltro

27.1.2012: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Fw190 A-5 Emil Lang (A-6 Grünherz)

8.1.2012: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Re2003 1.Prototyp

4.1.2012: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Me262 A-1a/U3

26.12.2011: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Me262A-2a, IMAM Ro57

11.12.2011: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
P40N Warhawk Roosters

31.10.2011: Fertiggestellt/Completed:

29.10.2011: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Re.2001 Delta

9.10.2011: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Fiat CR32, Fiat G.50V Veloce (DB601), Re2002 Ariete

3.10.2011: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
italienische D520 C

17.9.2011: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Piaggio P.119

11.9.2011: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Spitfire IXC

10.9.2011: Fertiggestellt/Completed:

20.8.2011: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
A6M3 Type 22 Surrendered Zero, Ki-43 II Oscar

19.8.2011: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Ar199 V-3 Pantoffeltierchen

1.8.2011: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
D520 Doret Free French Forces 44

20.7.2011: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Ar196A, He60

5.7.2011: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Hawker Tornado Centaurus

3.7.2011: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Hawker Sea Fury T-61, Tempest VI

16.6.2011: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Fw F19a Ente, Tempest I
Bilder/Pics: Tempest I

13.6.2011: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Tempest II

11.6.2011: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Ar96/Avia C-2, Ar96/Avia C-2

18.5.2011: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Fw190D-9 Michaelski

14.5.2011: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
VL Pyörremyrsky
7.5.2011: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Hawker Sea Fury T-20

28.4.2011: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Kawasaki Ki-28 Bob

17.4.2011: Fertiggestellt/Completed:

9.4.2011: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Hawker Hurricane V
Neueintrag: Gloster Whittle

26.3.2011: Fertiggestellt/Completed:

20.3.2011: Fertiggestellt/Completed:

13.3.2011: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Caproni Vizzola F.4

16.1.2011: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Ju F13
8.1.2011: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Me109E-7/Z Japan

12.12.2010: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
MS406 Türkei
5.12.2010: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Marton X/V
28.11.2010: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
MS406 Libanon

1.11.2010: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Skoda D1

24.10.2010: Fertiggestellt/Completed:
Me109B Luftpolizei, Me109F-4/trop

21.10.2010: Übersicht zuletzt gebauter mit Verweisen auf das Flugzeugforum
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This is the website of Jürgen Klüser.
This website has purely private and no commercial purpose. Please read the terms of use.
The content is mainly targeting Scale Modelling, but also the background of the aviation was gathered in more than 40 years.

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model Bild base type kit manufacturer topics TextEN
A6M3 Type 22 Surrendered ZeroMitsubishi A6M3 Type 22 Surrendered Zero Zero Hasegawa carrier plane fighter WW2 In September 1945 the RNZAF got knowledge of an intact zero on Kara, a Airstrip in south Bougainville. The RNZAF wanted this as war booty, so the machine should be flown by a jap. pilot to Rabaul. This was forbidden by the booty commission because of the fear of an Kamikaze action. Thereupon Wing Cdr Bill Kofoed flew the machine. In October it was shipped then to Auckland and received the RNZAF serial NZ6000. The machine flew last in December 1945, the interest diminished fast. Because of place ...
A-24B Banshee (Dauntless)Douglas A-24B Banshee (Dauntless) Airfix carrier plane dive bomber WW2
Albatros W.4 (late)Albatros W.4 (late) Albatros D.I-V Roden fighter WWI seaplane
Ar 76 A-0Arado Ar 76 A-0 RS Models fighter trainer Interwar WW2 A textual description is available on the German article.
Ar96/Avia C-2Arado Ar96/Avia C-2 Ar96 KP Police WW2 Aircraft Avia C-2 of the National Security Corps
Ar96/Avia C-2Arado Ar96/Avia C-2 Ar96 KP trainer WW2 Several Avia C-2 were delivered to Hungary. The shown model has the rarely seen insignia of 1948-1949.
Ar196AArado Ar196A Ar196 Heller shipborne plane submarine hunter recce aircraft fighter WW2 A textual description is available on the German article.
Ar199 V-3 PantoffeltierchenArado Ar199 V-3 Pantoffeltierchen Ar96 Airmodel seaplane trainer WW2 The Technical Office of Germany demanded 1938 a modern naval trainer aircraft. The Arado Ar 199 was the design for flight training complete seaplane crews. For pilot training therefore two adjacent seats for teachers and students were provided, while a radio student with the whole radio equipment took place behind. The machine resembled an Ar 196, however, was based on the Ar 79 and Ar 96, but all-metal and catapults capable. The Ar 199 owned two all-metal floats that ended in a flat stage. Behi...
AT11 KansanBeechcraft AT11 Kansan Beech 18 PM trainer WW2 afterwar The Beechcraft AT-11 was a variant of the Beechcraft model 18, known as twin beech. A total of 128 AT 11 came from 1948 to the Turkish air force under the US military assistance program. They were delivered on 14 May 1948 by aircraft carrier. The AT-11 replaced the Airspeed Oxford and remained in service until 1983. They were used mainly as an advanced trainer, bomber-trainer and as liaison aircraft. Main user was the Eskisehir bomber training and shooting school, but after retirement of the A-2...
AUT.18Aeronautica Umbra AUT.18 Broplan fighter WW2 A textual description is available on the German article.
Avia CS199Avia CS199 Me109 KP trainer WW2 afterwar
B24J The Dragon and his TailConsolidated B24J The Dragon and his Tail, GMC CCKW-353 Gasoline Tank Truck Minicraft bomber WW2
Bergepanther G SdKfz 179Bergepanther G SdKfz 179 Panzer Panther Die Panzersammlung Tank WW2
Bergepanzer 38(t)Bergepanzer 38(t) Panzer 38(t) Attack Tank WW2
Bergeschlepper 731(f)Renault Bergeschlepper 731(f), Jakowlew Jak9d, VW Typ 93 Sani RPM Tank WW2
Bleriot XIBleriot XI Novo WWI Aircraft On July 25,1909, Louis Bleriot accomplished the historic flight over the British Channel.
The plane which attracted great attention started being deployed at the French and the Italian armed forces.In 1912 The British and the Ottoman Empire started using the same plane.
Two of the two-seater version of Bleriot XI-b were used in the Ottoman Armed Forces first of which was presented by Supreme Commander Riza Pacha. Three of a different two-seat model named XI-2 and three of the single-seat m...
Boeing 747-2030Boeing 747-2030 B747 SunnyKlüser passenger plane afterwar
Boeing 787-8 DreamlinerBoeing 787-8 Dreamliner Daron passenger plane afterwar
Brückenleger IBrückenleger I Panzer I Attack Tank WW2
Bü180 StudentBücker Bü180 Student Huma trainer sports plane Interwar WW2 A textual description is available on the German article.
Bü 182 C KornettBücker Bü 182 C Kornett Kora trainer Interwar
Bv L10 FriedensengelBlohm & Voss Bv L10 Friedensengel, Fieseler Fi 167 A-09 Condor guided missile WW2
Caproni Vizzola F.4Caproni Vizzola F.4 CaproniVizzola DUJIN fighter WW2 A textual description is available on the German article.
D520 C ital.Dewoitine D520 C ital. D520 Novo fighter WW2 A textual description is available on the German article.
D520 Groupe Doret Free French Forces 44Dewoitine D520 Groupe Doret Free French Forces 44 D520 RS Models fighter WW2 A textual description is available on the German article.
Daimler Marienfelde ALZ 13Daimler Marienfelde ALZ 13, Fokker Dr1 Kempf Reviresco Ground vehicle WWI
Dewoitine D.21Dewoitine D.21 Dewoitine D-21 KP fighter civil use Interwar A textual description is available on the German article.
Dicker Max 10,5cm K18 Sf IvaDicker Max 10,5cm K18 Sf Iva Panzer IV Die Panzersammlung Tank WW2
F4F-3 WildcatGrumman F4F-3 Wildcat F4F Revell carrier plane fighter WW2 Interwar
F4U-1 CorsairChance-Vought F4U-1 Corsair F4U Revell carrier plane fighter WW2 afterwar VMF - 312, Day's Knights, later known as the Checkerboarders
F4U-5 Corsair HondurasChance-Vought F4U-5 Corsair Honduras, North American T28D Trojan Honduras F4U Revell carrier plane fighter WW2 afterwar
F5E Sina CatNorthrop F5E Sina Cat F5 Italeri trainer aerobatic special-paint afterwar History and original photos see http://test.ipms.ch/plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?1211.post
F80A - YP-80A Shooting StarLockheed F80A -  YP-80A Shooting Star P80 Sword Early-Jet-Era fighter WW2 afterwar
F80C Shooting Star "Arlequim" do BrazilLockheed F80C Shooting Star P80 Airfix Early-Jet-Era fighter WW2 afterwar
F80C Shooting Star ChileLockheed F80C Shooting Star Chile P80 Airfix Early-Jet-Era fighter WW2 afterwar
F84E ThunderjetNorth American F84E Thunderjet F84 Hobby Boss fighter-bomber afterwar F-84E as flown by the CO of the 86th FBW, Col. Laven, Germany 1951
F86 E Sabre Flying SwansNorth American F86 E Sabre Flying Swans F86 Airfix special-paint aerobatic fighter afterwar In 1955, a display team was formed flying with F-86E Sabre aircraft from the 4th Air Base Command in Eskisehir. This team was given the name "Flying Swans" (Ucan Kugular), and existed until 1965. All the team's planes were painted in white and red colors along with swan figure on the fuselage. The "Flying Swans" performed with both nine and twelve-ship formations. This team performed only in Turkey.
F86F-40NA Sabre Blue ImpulseNorth American F86F-40NA Sabre Blue Impulse F86 Hobby Boss fighter afterwar special-paint aerobatic
F94 B StarfireLockheed F94 B Starfire P80 Heller fighter afterwar USAF 59th FIS, at Otis AFB, MA. 7/10/1952: Written off at Otis AFB, MA.
FG-1D Corsair El SalvadorGoodyear FG-1D Corsair El Salvador F4U Hasegawa fighter WW2 afterwar
FG-1D Corsair El SalvadorGoodyear FG-1D Corsair El Salvador F4U Academy fighter WW2 afterwar
Fiat CR32Fiat CR32 CR32 Supermodel fighter Interwar The Fiat CR32 was one of the world-wide best fighters of it's time. Austria used it in the Jagdgeschwader II (Fighter Wing). The German Air Force used some, but afterwards many were sold to Hungary.
Fiat G.50V Veloce (DB601)Fiat G.50V Veloce (DB601) G50 Italian Kits fighter experimental plane WW2 For enhancing the power of the Fiat G.50 several projects tested different engines. Some experiments with the German engine DB601 displaced the project Fiat G.52. Test flights were conducted from August till December 1941. They showed problems with the control equipment and the unsufficent cooling radiator. Finally the G.50V was cancelled in favor of the Fiat G.55. The G.50V design was used as a base for the Fiat G.53 reconnaisance fighter, which then was never ordered(85)
Fiat G55 B ArgentinienFiat G55 B Argentinien G50 SH fighter trainer WW2 afterwar Trainer. Pics of argentine G.55A and B see http://www.zonamilitar.com.ar/foros/threads/fotos-raras-y-desconocidas-de-la-fuerza-aérea-argentina-fotos.24228/page-8
FJ1 FuryNorth American FJ1 Fury F86 Siga carrier plane Early-Jet-Era fighter afterwar
Flak 3,7 cm C/35 M42Flak 3,7 cm C/35 M42 MGM anti-aircraft WW2 Ship
Flak 61-K 3,7cm RusslandFlak 61-K 3,7cm Russland Zvezda anti-aircraft WW2 afterwar
Flakpanzer 38(t) Gepard 20mm SdKfz 140 Ausf.LFlakpanzer 38(t) Gepard 20mm SdKfz 140 Ausf.L Panzer 38(t) Attack anti-aircraft WW2 Tank
Flakpanzer IFlakpanzer I Panzer I ModellTrans anti-aircraft WW2 Tank
Fla-Mg Wk IFla-Mg Wk I anti-aircraft WWI
Ford Model T CoupeFord Model T Coupe, Focke-Wulf Fw A16 Reviresco Ground vehicle Interwar
Fw190 Aa-3Focke-Wulf Fw190 Aa-3 Fw190 Tamiya fighter WW2 Between October 42 and March 43 Germany supplied 72 FW-190 Aa-3 to Turkey. These were taken from the running out series of A-3. FuG25 (friend foe identification) were naturally not provided. In the wing roots the cannons were removed and replaced by Mg 17. It is not known, whether the cover plates were replaced by others, this is however improbable - therefore in the model the original plates were maintained. After the literature the MG-FF in the outerwings were supplied only as optional conver...
Fw190 A-5 Emil Lang (A-6 Grünherz)Focke-Wulf Fw190 A-5 Emil Lang (A-6 Grünherz) Fw190 Mastercraft fighter WW2 A textual description is available on the German article.
Fw190 D-9 G. DietzeFocke-Wulf Fw190 D-9 G. Dietze Fw190 Mastercraft fighter WW2
Fw190 D-9 MichalskiFocke-Wulf Fw190 D-9 Michalski Fw190 Mastercraft fighter WW2 A textual description is available on the German article.
Fw A16Focke-Wulf Fw A16 Planet passenger plane Interwar
Fw F19a EnteFocke-Wulf Fw F19a Ente Airmodel passenger plane Interwar The Focke-Wulf F.19 Ente was a very unusual design of a passenger plane at the end of the 1920s. It was a high wing plane with canard wings. The pilot sat in an open cockpit, the passengers had a closed, quite comfortable cabin.
The first plane flew on September 2nd, 1927, but crashed already on September 29th when demonstrating Single-Engine-Flight, killing Focke-Wulf-Co-founder Georg Wulf. A second machine was built in the late 1930s. This did a sales promotion flight through Denmark, Swede...
Gloster Gladiator I, LitauenGloster Gladiator I, Litauen Gladiator Hobby Boss fighter Interwar WW2
Gloster Gladiator I, LettlandGloster Gladiator I, Lettland Gladiator Hobby Boss fighter Interwar WW2
Gloster Meteor F.Mk.1 EE227 Trent (Turboprop)Gloster Meteor F.Mk.1 EE227 Trent (Turboprop), Martin-Baker MB5 Meteor MPM Early-Jet-Era experimental plane fighter fighter-bomber WW2 afterwar One-off engine test bed, converted from former operation F.1 serial number EE227, for the Rolls-Royce Trent turboprop engine making it the world's first turboprop-powered aircraft.http://120 The undercarriage was lengthened to give ground clearance for the initial 7 ft 7 inch Rotoal airscrews. First flying in September 1945, it was not shown publicly until June 1946. It was found that separate controls for thrust and constant speed units required a lot o...
GMC CCKW-353 Gasoline Tank TruckConsolidated B24J The Dragon and his Tail, GMC CCKW-353 Gasoline Tank Truck, Willys Jeep Hasegawa Ground vehicle WW2
Hawker Hurricane I IrlandHawker Hurricane I Irland Hurricane Airfix fighter WW2
Hawker Hurricane VHawker Hurricane V Hurricane AZmodel fighter-bomber attack aircraft WW2 A textual description is available on the German article.
Hawker Sea Fury T-61Hawker Sea Fury T-61 Typhoon-Tempest-Fury PM carrier plane fighter fighter-bomber bomber afterwar
Hawker Tornado CentaurusHawker Tornado Centaurus Typhoon-Tempest-Fury Maintrack Models Conversion fighter-bomber WW2 A textual description is available on the German article.
He 51 B-1Heinkel He 51 B-1 He51 ICM fighter fighter-bomber Interwar WW2
He60Heinkel He60 Azur shipborne plane recce aircraft Interwar WW2 A textual description is available on the German article.
He74BHeinkel He74B Alliance limitiert fighter Interwar
He111 B-1 PedroHeinkel He111 B-1 Pedro He111 Roden bomber Interwar WW2
He 112 B-0 SpanienHeinkel He 112 B-0 Spanien He112 RS Models fighter WW2
He112 V3Heinkel He112 V3 He112 RS Models fighter Interwar
Film about the first trials with a rocket engine
Film about a flight with rocket engine
He112 V10Heinkel He112 V10 He112 RS Models fighter Interwar
Hs 121Henschel Hs 121 Hs121 DUJIN trainer Interwar Kit Review: This kit is a Resin kit. The Resin is very fine, without any bubbles. It fits quite well. The struts have to done by metal! For this two metal stripes of different thickness are included. It is a bit hard to get the right length, but the result is worth it.
When applying the landing gear, do not forget to insert a small steal needle, otherwise it will not be stable enough.
Hs123 A-1 ChinaHenschel Hs123 A-1 China Hs123 Fly attack aircraft dive bomber Interwar WW2
Hs123 A-1 Lt.HamannHenschel Hs123 A-1 Lt.Hamann Hs123 Airfix attack aircraft dive bomber Interwar special-paint
Hs123 V4 AngelitoHenschel Hs123 V4 Angelito Hs123 Steelwork Models Airfix fighter fighter-bomber dive bomber Interwar
Hs123 V6 (Hs 123 C)Henschel Hs123 V6 (Hs 123 C) Hs123 Airfix Classic Plane attack aircraft dive bomber Interwar WW2
Hs124 V1Henschel Hs124 V1 Unicraft fighter bomber recce aircraft Interwar
Hs125Henschel Hs125 Hs121 DUJIN trainer Interwar
Hs 127 V-1Henschel Hs 127 V-1 Unicraft bomber Interwar
Hs129B-3/WaHenschel Hs129B-3/Wa Hs129 Airfix attack aircraft WW2
IMAM Ro57IMAM Ro57 SH fighter WW2 On the base of the Ro.53 Giovanni Galasso in 1939 developped the heavy fighter Ro.57 with two 840 PS Fiat A.74 engines. With a speed of 516 km/h she was faster than the Macchi C.200. But she was not believed to be competitive to the allied fighters and the project was cancelled. After the only fighter prototype MM407 the manufacturer IMAM proposed it as a fighter bomber and dive bomber Ro.57bis. For this dive brakes and bomb racks were installed. The armament of originally 2 Mg 12,7 mm was enha...
J2M3 Mitsubishi Raiden JackJ2M3 Mitsubishi Raiden Jack, Kawasaki Ki-100-Ib Goshikisen Hasegawa fighter WW2
Jedi FighterJedi Fighter Revell fighter aerobatic afterwar spacecraft
Ju52Junkers Ju52 Ju52 DLH Berlin Stiftung transporter passenger plane Interwar WW2
Ju 88 V5 GlasverandaJunkers Ju 88 V5 Glasveranda Ju88 RV-Resin experimental plane bomber WW2 A textual description is available on the German article.
Kälble Z6V2AKälble Z6V2A Wespe Ground vehicle WW2
Kawasaki Ki-28 BobKawasaki Ki-28 Bob AZmodel fighter Interwar A textual description is available on the German article.
Kfz 2 Le.gl.Einheits.Pkw Stoewer Typ 40Kfz 2 Le.gl.Einheits.Pkw Stoewer Typ 40 ACE Ground vehicle WW2
Ki-43 II Oscar HayabusaNakajima Ki-43 II Oscar Hayabusa LS Models fighter WW2 A textual description is available on the German article.
Leopard 1A4Leopard 1A4 Esci Tank afterwar
Letov S16TLetov S16T KP bomber Interwar WW2 A total of 16 Letov 'Smolik's served the TuAF between 1929-1941. They were supplied in two batches composed of 8 planes each. The first batch was assigned to the Operations Co.-Eskisehir and the second batch to 24th Aircraft Co. They took place in the operations against the Kurdish uprising in 1932. A flight group composed of 5 planes flew to Athens to participate the celebrations at the anniversary of the Greek Republic. (122)
Li GB-3/LLippisch Li GB-3/L A+V Models guided missile Luft46 WW2
Macchi 205V VeltroMacchi 205V Veltro MC200 Italeri fighter WW2 Film on Youtube
Martin-Baker MB5Martin-Baker MB5 Pegasus fighter Project WW2 A textual description is available on the German article.
Me 108 B-2 TropMesserschmitt Me 108 B-2 Trop Me108 Heller sports plane Interwar WW2 Bf108 of Special Command Blaich.
The stripe color should be white
Me109BMesserschmitt Me109B Me109 Heller fighter Interwar WW2
Me109C-1Messerschmitt Me109C-1 Me109 Avis fighter Interwar WW2
Me109E-1 SpanienMesserschmitt Me109C-1, Messerschmitt Me109E-1 Spanien Me109 RPM fighter WW2
Me109E-7/BMesserschmitt Me109E-7/B Me109 ICM fighter-bomber recce aircraft WW2 A textual description is available on the German article.
Me109E-7/Z JapanMesserschmitt Me109E-7/Z Japan Me109 Academy fighter WW2 A textual description is available on the German article.
Me109F-2 RZ 65Messerschmitt Me109F-2 RZ 65 Me109 Amodel experimental plane fighter WW2
Me109G-6 JG300 Wilde SauMesserschmitt Me109G-6 JG300 Wilde Sau Me109 AZmodel fighter WW2
Me109G12Messerschmitt Me109G12 Me109 MPM trainer WW2
Me109V1Arado Ar80, Focke-Wulf Fw159, Messerschmitt Me109V1 Me109 MPM fighter Interwar WW2
Me262 A-1a/U3Messerschmitt Me262 A-1a/U3 Me262 Revell Early-Jet-Era recce aircraft WW2 NAGr.6, March 1945 in Burg b.Magdeburg
Many Photos: http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/showthread.php?126356-Me-262-Schwalbe-pictures-thread und http://208090.homepagemodules.de/t126f21-Messerschmitt-Me.html
Me262A-2aMesserschmitt Me262A-2a Me262 Hobby Boss Early-Jet-Era fighter WW2 Me 262 A-2a of 1./KG 51, Wnr. 111685
Me P.1100AMesserschmitt Me P.1100A Me262 Planet Luft46 bomber WW2
Mercedes Benz G4/W31Daimler Mercedes Benz G4/W31 Hasegawa Ground vehicle Interwar WW2
MiG9 / I-210 M-82A / MiG-3/M82Jakowlew Jak1M, MiG9 / I-210 M-82A / MiG-3/M82 MiG3 Art Model fighter Project WW2 A textual description is available on the German article.
MiG-15 UTI MidgetMiG-15 UTI Midget MiG15 Hobby Boss trainer Early-Jet-Era afterwar
MiG21MF Slovakian Fishbed JMiG21MF Slovakian Fishbed J MiG21 RV Aircraft fighter afterwar Slovakian Air Force 1998
MiG21MF Egypt Fishbed JMiG21MF Egypt Fishbed J MiG21 Kopro fighter afterwar
MiG A-144-1 AnalogMiG A-144-1 Analog MiG21 Modelsvit experimental plane afterwar
Miles Master IIMiles Master II Eastern Express trainer WW2
Mitsubishi Ki-46-II DinahMitsubishi Ki-46-II Dinah Dinah Airfix recce aircraft WW2 A textual description is available on the German article.
Nakajima Ki-201 KaryuJ7W1 Kyushu Shinden, Nakajima Ki-201 Karyu Me262 RS Models Early-Jet-Era fighter-bomber fighter WW2 The Karyu was an internal development of Nakajima in early 1945. While the not very powerful Kikka was not very similar to the German Me262 , the Karyu had much more in common with the Me 262. The development was so advanced, that it got the official army air force designation Ki-201. Anyhow the army lost it's interest after the decision to use the Ki-200/Ki-202 (Versions of the J8M Shusui...
Neubaufahrzeug Nr. 1Neubaufahrzeug Nr. 1 Dragon Tank WW2
NF5ANorthrop NF5A F5 PM trainer aerobatic special-paint afterwar Turkish Stars
P-39 Cobra II RacerBell P-39 Cobra II Racer P39 Renoscale Racing and record aircraft civil use WW2 The model is a replica of the Bell P-39 aircraft modified into the Thompson Trophy racer Cobra II which won the 1946 race flown by Alvin "Tex" Johnston.
Film on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEYm_ADoVi8
P40B Tomahawk Flying TigerCurtiss P40B Tomahawk Flying Tiger Hawk P40 Academy fighter WW2
P40N Warhawk RoostersCurtiss P40N Warhawk Roosters Hawk P40 Matchbox fighter WW2 A textual description is available on the German article.
P47D-30Republic P47D-30 P47 Revell fighter fighter-bomber WW2 A textual description is available on the German article.
P51D Mustang El SalvadorNorth American P51D Mustang El Salvador P51 Airfix fighter WW2 afterwar
Pak 40Pak 40, Steyr RSO /01 Die Panzersammlung Ground Equipment WW2
Panzer 39H: 10,5 cm leFH18(Sf) auf Geschützwagen 39H(f)Panzer 39H: 10,5 cm leFH18(Sf) auf Geschützwagen 39H(f) Die Panzersammlung Tank WW2
Piaggio P.119Piaggio P.119 Italian Wings fighter WW2 A textual description is available on the German article.
PzKpfw I Ausf. C (VK 601)PzKpfw I Ausf. C (VK 601) Panzer I WSW Tank WW2
PZL P23 B KarasPZL P23 B Karas Heller bomber WW2
RB51 Red BaronRB51 Red Baron P51 High Planes Racing and record aircraft civil use afterwar Reno Air Racer
Re.2001 DeltaReggiane Re.2001 Delta Re2000 Italian Wings experimental plane fighter WW2 A textual description is available on the German article.
Re2002 Ariete BongartReggiane Re2002 Ariete Bongart Re2000 Supermodel fighter WW2 A textual description is available on the German article.
Re2003 1.PrototypReggiane Re2003 1.Prototyp Re2000 SH fighter recce aircraft WW2 The Reggiane Re.2003 was a development from the Reggiane Re.2002 fighter bomber that first flew on 29 June 1941. It was designed to replace the outdated IMAM Ro.37 used at the time. Unlike the Reggaine Re.2002, it had room for a second crewman who sat behind the pilot. It was equipped with onboard camera equipment. The Fiat A.74 RC.38 engine was intended to be used originally, but the Piaggio P. XI RC 40 Bis was chosen instead. Only one was ever produced, and production for a second started, but...
RF-80A-5-LO Shooting StarLockheed RF-80A-5-LO Shooting Star P80 Sword recce aircraft afterwar Early-Jet-Era
RSO /01Pak 40, Steyr RSO /01 RSO Die Panzersammlung Ground vehicle WW2
Sd.Anh. 51Sd.Anh. 51, Sd.Kfz.10/4 Flak 30 mit SdAnh51 ACE Ground Equipment WW2
Sd.Kfz. 2 KettenkradHeinkel He177A5, Sd.Kfz. 2 Kettenkrad Academy Ground vehicle WW2
Sd.Kfz. 9 Famo mit 88mm Flak 37Sd.Kfz. 9 Famo mit 88mm Flak 37 Die Panzersammlung Tank WW2
Sd.Kfz.10/4 Flak 30 mit SdAnh51Sd.Kfz.10/4 Flak 30 mit SdAnh51 ACE Ground vehicle WW2 anti-aircraft
Sd.Kfz. 231 6-RadBMW R75 mit Beiwagen, Sd.Kfz. 231 6-Rad Italeri Ground vehicle WW2
Sd.Kfz. 234/4Sd.Kfz. 234/4 Airfix Ground vehicle WW2
Sd.Kfz.300 (B1) MinenräumerSd.Kfz.300 (B1) Minenräumer Attack Tank WW2
Sea Vampire T.22 ChiledH Sea Vampire T.22 Chile Vampire Airfix Early-Jet-Era fighter trainer afterwar
Sk-14North American Sk-14 T6 SH attack aircraft trainer seaplane WW2
Sk V5Skoda-Kauba Sk V5 RS Models fighter WW2 A textual description is available on the German article.
Sk 257Skoda-Kauba Sk 257 MTS light fighter WW2 A textual description is available on the German article.
Space Shuttle AtlantisNASA Space Shuttle Atlantis Herpa civil use afterwar spacecraft
Spad XIII C-1SPAD Spad XIII C-1 Revell fighter WWI Interwar
Spitfire VB tropSupermarine Spitfire VB trop Spitfire KP fighter WW2 Very good site about Spits in Turkey service: http://www.tayyareci.com/digerucaklar/turkiye/1923ve50/spitfire.asp
Spitfire IXCSupermarine Spitfire IXC Spitfire Kopro fighter WW2 A textual description is available on the German article.
Starterwagen LuftwaffeHenschel Hs123 V6 (Hs 123 C), Bosch Starterwagen Luftwaffe MM Minimodelle Ground vehicle WW2
Steyr Typ 1500Steyr Typ 1500 Profiline Ground vehicle WW2
StuH42StuH42 Panzer III Armourfast Tank WW2 Sd.Kfz. 142/2
StuIG 33BStuIG 33B Panzer III Armourfast Tank WW2
T2C BuckeyeNorth American T2C Buckeye Matchbox carrier plane trainer afterwar
T2V-1 SeastarLockheed T2V-1 Seastar P80 Sword carrier plane trainer afterwar A textual description is available on the German article.
T6F (AT-6F) Kuba TexanNorth American T6F (AT-6F) Kuba Texan T6 Hobby Boss trainer afterwar
T28D Trojan HondurasNorth American T28D Trojan Honduras T28 Heller trainer afterwar
RT-33ALockheed RT-33A P80 Heller trainer Early-Jet-Era afterwar recce aircraft Serial 53-5594: Lockheed RT-33A-1-LO c/n 580-8933. for FMS. To Turkish AF Apr 1955, later to MM53-5594/9-35 of Italian AF. In 1987 on display at Italian AF Museum, Vigna di Valle, Italy
T33 Aztec KnightLockheed T33 Aztec Knight P80 Sword trainer Early-Jet-Era afterwar
Tankwagen-Anhänger Luftwaffe AH454Tankwagen-Anhänger Luftwaffe AH454 Matador Models Ground vehicle WW2
Tempest IHawker Tempest I Typhoon-Tempest-Fury Ventura Conversion fighter WW2 A textual description is available on the German article.
Tempest IIHawker Tempest II Typhoon-Tempest-Fury Matchbox fighter WW2 Royal Indian Air Force, No.7 Sqn, Pune 1949
Tempest VIHawker Tempest VI Typhoon-Tempest-Fury Matchbox fighter WW2 RAF 6.Sqn., Nicosia, Nov 1945
Thorneycroft 1,5 ton Parcel VanRyan Spirit of St.Louis Lindbergh, Thorneycroft 1,5 ton Parcel Van Keil Kraft Ground vehicle WWI Interwar
TP-39Q-5Bell TP-39Q-5 P39 RS Models trainer WW2 History and pics: http://mig3.sovietwarplanes.com/lendlease/p-39/tp-39/twoseaterp-39.htm
Vampiro F.Mk3dH Vampiro F.Mk3 Vampire Lodela Early-Jet-Era fighter WW2 afterwar
VL PyörremyrskyVL Pyörremyrsky Omega fighter WW2 A textual description is available on the German article.
VW Typ 93 SaniVW Typ 93 Sani MW Ground vehicle WW2
Willys JeepConsolidated B24J The Dragon and his Tail, Willys Jeep Academy Ground vehicle WW2 afterwar
Wirbelwind Flakpanzer IVSd.Kfz.7/1 Flak 38 Vierling, Wirbelwind Flakpanzer IV Panzer IV Flakpanzer IV Hasegawa Tank WW2 anti-aircraft
WM-23Reggiane Re2000 Falco, Weiss Manfred WM-23 He112 Balaton Modell fighter Project WW2 A textual description is available on the German article.
XP40Q-2Curtiss XP40Q-2 Hawk P40 Pegasus Project fighter WW2

Count: 2405, built in this epoche: 173


References(85) Ali d'Italia #6 Fiat G50
(122) http://wp.scn.ru/en/ww15/o/1438/137/0

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